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Watercolour & Soft Pastel
Landscape Painting Workshops


Each year I hold a limited number of watercolour landscape painting workshops at Brantwood on the Eastern shores of Lake Coniston here in the beautiful, sunny (ocassionally!) English Lake district. Each workshop is designed to show you the same techniques I use to produce my own work using either watercolour or soft pastel.

These workshops are very popular and places are strictly limited to 12 per workshop so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Latest Blog Posts & Studio News!

Try the K.I.S.S Watercolour Challenge!

I have always been an advocate of the theory that keeping things simple where possible is definitely the best way to go and this philosophy is especially beneficial when it comes to painting.  I have found over the years that the reason a lot of students of...

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Watercolours Instantly!

There is no magic formula to become a better painter. It is unfortunately for those of you looking for a quick fix a case of practice, more practice and then a bit more practice. As far as I am concerned you never stop learning with watercolour. That said...

New Watercolour Series – Beaches!

I have like a great many of us here in the U.K have always loved being near the sea indeed some of my fondest childhood memories revolved around a day at the seaside. To me however the beaches I remember most fondly from my childhood where the ones on the...

How to Choose Your Watercolour Paper

The subject of paper is one that causes a great deal of consternation for those new to the medium of watercolour however this need not be the case once you have the essential facts which I have tried to convey as concisely as possible for you here....

Can Everyone Please Stand Up!

I provide demo's and workshops up and down the U.K regularly and in the course of this I get asked one question more than any other and that is 'How do you loosen up your watercolours?' Well I'm going to let you into a little secret now and tell you the...

Struggling with Watercolour Part 2

This is the second part of my "Struggling with Watercolour" vlog series. Need some help with your watercolour painting? Over the last twenty or so years I have picked up a thing or two and have noticed a few things that beginners consistently get wrong...

Struggling with Watercolour? Here’s Why!

First in a series of new video blogs on watercolour painting. This one discusses some of the reasons why so many of the artists new to watercolour struggle with the medium and you may be surprised to learn that very often this is because of the outdated way they were...

Lake District Watercolour Landscape Workshops 2018

  s you may be aware I have provided watercolour painting demonstrations & workshops to art clubs and societies up and down the country for the last few years which have I am glad to say been very favourably received. However over the last year...

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