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Well it’s that time of year when normally sane people start thinking about Christmas and what they are going to get there nearest & dearest this time round and what better gift than a calendar. Even better you could give them one of my calendars so I thought that even though we are barely half-way through the year I had better get my skates on and get the 2017 calendar production line started. This year after much deliberation I decided to produce two different calendars. Each size features a different selection of my latest artwork from the previous twelve months with the main difference being that one is my standard A3 large format calendar which you are used to seeing and the other is a slim format designed to fit into those little awkward spaces that we all have in our homes and offices. You know the places I mean, like that little bit of wall next to the fridge above the light switch - places like that! Anyway both sizes are now on sale and this year I am also offering discounts to those of you who wish to place bulk orders (20+ per size). This is for those of you who are looking at giving them as corporate gifts. Now 25-50% off! Go get them!!   CLICK HERE

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