Artists Wooden Storage Boxes & Bags

Good quality storage boxes & bags for your art materials are a prerequisite and as far as I am concerned no self respecting artist should ever store their precious materials in anything that is not up to the job. I have always used good quality wooden boxes to store my art materials in the studio.

Wooden storage boxes keep everything tidy and organised and look fantastic while they are doing it. More importantly though they are also hard-wearing and I know that they will keep my art materials in tip top condition until I need them unlike the cardboard boxes or old ice cream tubs I see dotted round a lot of artists studios. If you are going to be a serious artist then treat your work space and materials in the same way and good storage is definitely a step in the right direction.

Wooden storage boxes are not nearly as expensive as they used to be and I have managed to source a few that are very reasonably priced that do the job well. Whether you are looking for wooden drawers to keep your pens & pencils in or perhaps storage boxes with foam lined trays for your pastels or just a good old fashioned box with lots of adjustable sections to store all those bit’n’pieces that we all seem to accumulate as artists then you will find something here to suit.

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