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If you want great results it helps if you use great materials. This section of the website is dedicated to letting all you would be painters have a look at some of the materials and bits of kit that I recommend and personally use in my own work. Once you have decent quality supplies you will find that your rate of progress will increase no end. I also have managed to negotiate a few tasty discounts for you all. Happy shopping!

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Watercolour Paints

Good quality watercolour paints will make such a difference to your work and it is because of this that I choose to use only the best in my work. My brand of choice are Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolours.

Watercolour Brushes

With the exception of paints your brushes are possibly the most important piece of kit that you will invest in. A good brush is like a good friend and after a while your favourite brushes will almost become an extension of you.

Watercolour Paper

I mainly use four brands of watercolour paper which are Bockingford, Arches, Saunders Waterford & Two Rivers. All are high quality robust papers that stand up to a great deal and always help me to produce a great result.

Sketch Books & Journals

High quality sketch books or pads are an important addition to any artists kit and can provide the artist with a never ending supply of source material when utilised correctly. I highly recommend these fantastic travel journals.

Drawing & Sketching Materials

Any artist worth their salt needs to spend time sketching. Not only does it improve your observation but it also hones those all important drawing skills. Here you will find the various bits of kit I use for this all important practice.

Soft-Pastels & Pastel Pencils

There are some fantastic pastels on the market but I always tend to go rivet back to my old favourites. Here I have included some of my favourite soft pastel & pastel pencil sets that will give you a great start in this fantastic medium.

Pastel Paper

A good pastel paper is all that stands between you and disaster when you are using soft pastels. It has to have tooth to grip the pastel but also has to be fine enough for you to utilise a range of blending techniques. These are my favourite papers!

Drawing Boards & Art Easels

In watercolour painting it is all about the angle. You need to be able to control the angle of your drawing board or easel to get the best results from your washes so something that gives you full range of movement is important. Here are my choices.

Artists Accessories

This is where I have put everything else. All those bits of miscellaneous kit that you just can’t do without because they just make your artistic life that much easier like watercolour palettes, water sprays, masking fluid and tape to name just a few.


Maybe you’re not the artist in the family and you have arrived here because you are shopping for that special arty person in your life. Well, this section is just for you!

Here you will find some fantastic gifts that will have your loved one jumping for joy and it also means that you will get peace & quiet and full command of the telly remote while they are of painting 😉

Fancy A Free Watercolour or Soft-Pastel Workshop

When you are looking for tuition it's important that you find a tutor that's the right fit for you. So in order to help you decide whether I'm that guy or not I would like to give you a FREE workshop. That way you can see me do my thing and make an educated decision as to whether you want to invest in a bit more of something similar.

Just click the button below and fill in your details on the next page and I'll get that FREEBIE on it's way across to you!


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