Drawing Boards & Artists Easels

  • Sale! drawing_board_plate3.jpg

    Drawing Board Tripod Set – Sketching Easel

    £67.95 £45.00
  • Sale! Metal Artists Watercolour Painting Easel

    Watercolour Painting Easel – Metal Sketch Easel

    £71.50 £50.00
  • Sale! drawing_board_plate2.jpg

    Drawing Board Camera Tripod Plate

    £11.80 £10.62
  • Sale! TRIPOD_1.jpg

    Hama Star 61 Tripod

    £42.50 £30.50
  • Sale! lightweight_drawing_boards_248_x_171.jpg

    Lightweight Pine Drawing Board – Half Imperial

    £22.70 £15.50
  • Sale! lightweight_drawing_boards_248_x_171.jpg

    Lightweight Pine Drawing Board – Quarter Imperial

    £15.39 £10.00
  • Sale! adhesive_tape.jpg

    Self Adhesive Framing Tape – 50 Metre Roll


A good drawing board will if looked after provide you with many years of faithful service as will a good easel. However the cost of drawing boards and art easels quite frankly is starting to get ridiculous now and unfortunately as with many things nowadays a high price ticket is not necessarily an indication of high quality as I have found out to my expense over the years.

I have fortunately however found a couple of drawing boards and easel solutions that are economical and perfect for both watercolour and pastel artists. These choices have been made based on product quality, cost and weight, after all the aim of the game here is to get something decent that will last and that isn’t going to break the bank or your back.


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