Artists Hard Back Sketch Books & Journals

Spend anytime being a creative individual and you will very quickly find that there is inspiration round every corner. Especially if you are jammy like me and live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Although everyone nowadays appears to permanently have a phone surgically attached to their hands that they can take a quick snap with sometimes that just isn’t enough.

It is at these times that you need your best friend with you. Nope not the dog - your art journal! With your sketchbook, art journal, scribble pad or whatever you want to call it in hand you can make a quick sketch and take a proper note of what it was that so inspired you about the scene that is in front of you preparing you better to turn the memory into a stunning masterpiece in your studio that will turn the art world on its head.

Well maybe not but you do need a good sketch book or two - here’s what I recommend.


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