S.A.A / Ashby Artists Soft Pastels & Pastel Sets

  • Sale! A24SP.jpg

    Ashby/S.A.A Soft Artists Pastels – Set of 24

    £37.20 £29.76
  • Sale! A36SP.jpg

    Ashby/S.A.A Soft Artists Pastels – Set of 36

    £55.80 £44.64
  • Sale! a48sp.jpg

    Ashby/S.A.A Soft Artists Pastels – Set of 48

    £74.40 £59.52
  • Sale! A72SP1.jpg

    Ashby/S.A.ASoft Artists Pastels – Set of 72

    £111.60 £89.28

S.A.A/Ashby Soft Pastels are manufactured using the finest pigments to produce a smooth working, velvet textured pastel. All colours blend readily with gentle rubbing and can be mixed to produce immediate hues. Suitable for application to soft drawing paper, board, wood, plaster, and canvas. Drawings can be fixed with spray, fixative or framed under glass to prevent smudging.

These pastels are a complete joy to work with and a fantastic addition to my personal favourites - Unison Coloursoft pastels. They are also one of the most economical ranges of artists quality soft pastels available on the market today.

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