Unison Coloursoft Pastels & Pastel Sets

  • Sale! up18d.jpg

    Unison Pastels Set – 18 Dark Colours

    £74.02 £55.95
  • Sale! up18l.jpg

    Unison Pastels Set – 18 Landscape Colours

    £74.02 £55.95
  • Sale! up18lt.jpg

    Unison Pastels Set – 18 Light Colours

    £74.02 £55.95
  • Sale! up18m.jpg

    Unison Pastels Set – 18 Mixed Colours

    £74.02 £55.95
  • Sale! up36l.jpg

    Unison Pastels Set – 36 Landscape Colours

    £146.09 £99.95
  • Sale! up36m.jpg

    Unison Pastels Set – 36 Mixed Colours

    £146.09 £99.95
  • Sale! up72l.jpg

    Unison Pastels Set – 72 Landscape Colours

    £299.21 £210.95
  • Sale! up72m.jpg

    Unison Pastels Set – 72 Mixed Colours

    £299.21 £210.95

Unison Soft Pastels are second to none in the subtlety and intensity of colour, their fluency and responsiveness to touch, and in their delicacy and robustness. Unison Colour hand-made pastels aspire to perfection. These colours have stood the test of time and are very durable and light-fast. Available in 378 colours, you are sure to find these bring a new beautiful level of colour to your work.

 Unison are my firm favourites! These pastels provide fantastic colour, a good size stick and unrivalled texture are as far as I am concerned the ultimate soft pastel! Just beware because once you try them you wont want to go back to anything else.


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