Greg Howard Professional Watercolour Brushes & Brush Sets

As a watercolour painter your choice of brushes is probably the most important one you will make. Choose a good brush and it will serve you for life - well almost if you look after it. Choose a bad brush or brushes and you will be putting hurdles in your way that do not need to be there.

First and foremost it is important that you buy some good sized brushes as little brushes ruin paintings - trust me on this one! Secondly they have to be made of the correct stuff either natural hairs or good quality synthetic fibres. Yes you can buy cheap brushes from the pound shop or stores like The Works but they will not do what they are supposed to so why waste your money.

I have tried literally hundreds of brushes over the years and have become very particular about what I require from my brushes - only the best will do! Here are the brushes I personally use and recommend.

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