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Why get tuition? Well sometimes we need that extra bit of help to get our work to the next level whether that be through courses, books or videos. However the important thing is that you pick the correct instructor.

As you maybe know I am self taught i.e I do not have a degree in fine art in fact I did not even study art in high school so why on earth would you want to listen to anything I have to say? Well that’s exactly why! I don’t have all that baggage that I might have picked up if I had went into the system. Instead I have taught myself how to paint the subjects I love without bogging myself down with unnecessary theory and I don’t obsess over things that are quite frankly not that important. I use a range of simple techniques that work and that I am happy to share.

Spoiler: This is where I might upset some of you! – The problem with the way art is taught in the education system and sometimes outside of it is that unfortunately a lot of the tutors are traditionalists who will teach you to obsess with rules, create grandiose reasons for painting things (Whats your inspiration boy?) that no one else is interested in and prattle on to anyone who will listen about your grand artistic vision instead of just getting on and painting then working hard to make the right people aware of your work. Or to put it another way they teach you to follow the very ideals that ensured that they failed as independent artists. Sorry but it’s true!

I abhor any type of what I refer to as arty farty speech and the reason I do is because I (fortunately) did not endure years of an out of date curriculum shoving it down my throat trying to make out that this is how artists should be.

  • Question: Who cares that the delicate slopings of a rose bud steeped in grated cheddar inspired you to try and paint a wonderous display of love in red & orange.
  • Answer: No one.

If someone likes what you do then the only other thing they want to know to put it very bluntly is how much it’s going to cost them and whether it will look good above their fireplace or not.

So what do I do that’s different. Well I don’t do lessons instead I demonstrate techniques in context while producing a finished painting. Quite simply I pass on experience not theory. I do not waffle on endlessly about rules of perspective and the virtues of this composition over another etc etc I just pick a subject that inspires me, explain what I am going to do with it and paint it in any way I see fit with a complete disregard for any rules - since when did art have rules anyway!!

People who have attended demonstrations or workshops with me will testify that I place the emphasis on the result and because of this I have developed a way of painting over the years that gives me consistent results quickly while having a lot of fun doing it which is what i will show you and that if you remember my friends is why you wanted to learn to paint in the first place. Interested in seeing what I do?…..

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When you are looking for tuition it's important that you find a tutor that's the right fit for you. So in order to help you decide whether I'm that guy or not I would like to give you a FREE workshop. That way you can see me do my thing and make an educated decision as to whether you want to invest in a bit more of something similar.

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