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Are you like the other members of your local art club fed up with seeing the same old wishy-washy watercolour painting demonstrations produced on tiny little pieces of paper by artists that insist that the only way to paint successfully with watercolour is by following a list of rules as long as your arm? Not much fun are they and unfortunately it is these sort of demonstrations that put a lot of people of this wonderful medium.

How about something a little more exciting!  My watercolour painting demonstrations are all about big paintings painted with big brushes and lots of paint with the emphasis on loosening up and learning that it is far more important to produce a painting that is true to yourself. There are far too many would be watercolour painters out there imposing self-inflicted rules on themselves that are completely unnecessary.

  • WRONG! - Watercolours should only be produced on little pieces of paper using transparent colour painted with expensive kolinsky sable brushes - usually as a sketch in preparation for a larger work in another medium…….

  • RIGHT! - Watercolours can be big, bold, atmospheric, dramatic & colourful and produced using any means the artist finds necessary using a mixture of transparent & opaque colours…….

As a creative person how you get to your finished painting should be completely up to you. If you want to add a little pastel or acrylic here and there, scrape out your tree trunks with a razor blade or even god forbid use a bit of Chinese white to add a highlight then that should be completely acceptable. Even Turner himself used to use a wee bit of white now and again and thankfully some of the stuffier watercolour societies have now started to revise their way of thinking and have started to be more inclusive of those pushing the boundaries - after all, since when did art have rules!  Just remember that the only restrictions to your creativity are the ones that you impose yourself.

Through the course of my watercolour demonstrations & workshops I demonstrate both the traditional aspects of watercolour painting but also show the infinite range of possibilities that can open up simply by breaking a few of the so called rules and introducing a number of creative techniques to the process that watercolour artists can employ to give their work that extra zing. I like to make the session fun & entertaining and I am more than happy to stick around to pass on tips on particular techniques as well as constructive advice to those who request it.

If you feel that your club may benefit from a demonstration or watercolour workshop that’s a little different then you can either contact me using the form below or alternatively you can call me on: 0792 6161652 to discuss your requirements.

 p.s If you are just looking for a price you can get one by clicking here.

Watercolour Painting Demonstrations: These usually last around two hours or the duration of your meeting and consist of a full demonstration of my watercolour technique with the aim being to produce a full imperial size watercolour by the end of the session.

I am happy to stick around after the meeting to answer any particular questions anyone may have although I do make a point of stopping at regular intervals throughout the demonstration to allow for questions on different techniques. I also try to make the demonstrations fun and entertaining and guarantee at least one terrible joke per demo.

Watercolour Painting Workshops:  When you book me for a workshop you get me for the whole day (poor you!). Workshops usually last 10am-4pm with a break for lunch although of course I am happy to accommodate other times.

With a workshop the idea is for everyone in the group to complete a painting by the end of the day - no one gets left behind and more importantly everyone has fun!  To ensure this happens I break the painting time down into manageable sections which allows plenty of time for drying and evaluating at each stage thus ensuring that everyone no matter how slow they paint will be able to keep up. This results in everyone taking part in the workshop having a fun and productive day.

More importantly you will learn how by painting on a larger scale, with big brushes, lots of paint and a few extra bits of kit such as a spray gun & razor blade you can loosen up and create a beautiful, vibrant, atmospheric watercolour painting much more easily than you would be able to using the traditional methods of working in watercolour and what’s more it is much more fun!

Wow what a workshop! You certainly opened my eyes. I didn't realise just how much all the little habits I have picked up have stifled my progress. As you said on Saturday we all just assume that because it's in a book that it must be how things are done and never think to question it.  I have a feeling that me and watercolour are going to become best buddies again lol - Dave Stockton


Greg has a refreshing, almost rebellious approach to painting with watercolours, flying in the face of the “rule books”.  From large format canvass through broad and chunky brushes to scraping with a blade his approach certainly gets the attention of the room and invites questions from the audience.- Grange Art Society


Thank you for a great painting course I really enjoyed it. I thought I would learn a couple of tips for painting watercolours but had my painting world turned upside down.

You answered many of my half-thought questions for which I hadn’t realised that I was looking for answers.

I was heading towards being a watercolour purist but you have opened up the door for me to a wider interpretation of applying the media.

Its going to take a while to incorporate my learning into my new paintings but I am looking forwards to the challenge with supercharged vigour.

I now understand why your courses are so popular. Thanks again. - Brian Gilbert

Just thought you should have another "thank you" for the great workshop you did for us at Knott End. The feedback was excellent at the following meeting  - Over Wrye Art Society


Hi Greg just a quick email to say thank you so much for the wonderful workshop yesterday. I was nearly ready for throwing my watercolours in the bin but you have shown me the way forward. Thanks for sharing your approach & experience and see you next year! - Debbie Falson


Thank you on behalf of all members who attended your demonstration a couple of weeks ago.  I have just had the glowing report from Gwyn after today's meeting.  Everyone enjoyed it and felt they had picked up lots of tips on technique.- Morecambe Bay Art & Craft Society


We all enjoyed your demo and definitely learnt things we didn’t know before.  You went a long way to de-mystifying watercolours for some of us, and those of us who tend to steer clear of this medium went home with a resolution to try it again..- Grange & District Art Society


Hi Greg Just wanted to say many thanks for a really enjoyable and informative day yesterday. Must admit my stomach sank when you revealed "our painting"! LOL! However, you shared your tips and techniques and it happened which made for a great day in a great venue. Thanks for the inspiration!  - Jackie Maher

I just wanted to drop you an email to say a really big thank you for the watercolour workshop I recently attended in Coniston, It was fantastic!!

Ever since meeting you & seeing your work I have been inspired to paint the mountains, as I spend as much of my spare time as I can photographing & walking the fells, but never thought I could ever paint them, so I am really chuffed to have found such pleasure in doing so. - Nicky Simmons

A belated thank you for a very enjoyable day on Saturday at the workshop. The best Christmas present in a long time. Thank you! - David Berry

Hi Greg,   Thank you for your  waterfall demo, we all enjoyed it and hopefully helped us all to loosen up, you made it look very easy,  needs lots of practice!  We hope you enjoyed the evening and the ‘banter’, we did!  - Bolton Art Circle

Thanks Greg for a really brilliant workshop where I learned so many new techniques and also areas where I was going so wrong in my current work.

Everything was so easy to follow and your demonstrations brought everything into reality.

The rule books have been discarded!....Cheers once again! - Neil Roebuck

Important Note:  As with my paintings I like to keep the prices for my demonstrations & workshops at a reasonable level so that as many people as possible can afford them.  As a result of this I have demonstrated not just for larger established art societies up and down the country but also small local clubs with only a few members and even groups of painters who just like to paint together who have been looking for a little inspiration.   If you have rejected the idea of having a professional artist come and demonstrate or provide a workshop before on the assumption that it would be too expensive then now may be the time to reconsider. Drop me an email today - you never know until you ask!….

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