When I was younger I used to have an obsession with the big cats and used to spend hours doing little pencil sketches of tigers, lions, jaguars and so on. This obsession has stayed with me into adulthood and I am still in awe of these majestic animals and find them a constant source of fascination. However over the years for some inexplicable reason I lost the desire to draw them as I moved more into landscapes.

Recently I found myself at the South Lakes Wild Animal Park which is actually only 10 minutes or so up the road from me and they do a big cat feeding towards the end of the day where if you are very quick and manage to position yourself correctly amongst the crowd of people it inevitably attracts you will get to see these animals fairly close up. Well as it happens I was lucky on this particular day and managed to get a pretty good shot of one of the jaguars. To cut a long story short just for fun I thought I would have a go at doing a pastel painting of it and here is the result.


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