Greg Howard is a professional fine artist specialising in atmospheric, dramatic landscapes in watercolour & soft pastel. His work can be found in collections worldwide and he is a sought after tutor due to his easy going, informative no nonsense approach to the medium.

I have like a great many of us here in the U.K have always loved being near the sea indeed some of my fondest childhood memories revolved around a day at the seaside. To me however the beaches I remember most fondly from my childhood where the ones on the East coast of Scotland. They were rugged, open to the elements and very often deserted. Not a stick of candy floss or an amusement arcade in sight!!


I might add here that I am not anti-social but I do like my own company and where better to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet but on a fantastic deserted beach where it is just you, the weather and the sound of the waves and the birds. Bliss!


Now I live in Cumbria and I have to my great delight discovered a number of beaches that I can very often have to myself in fact I live in a little village on the west coast called Askam In Furness which has a great little beach literally 60 seconds walk from my front door which you can very often get to yourself if you get up early enough in the morning.


One of the things I have noticed that is especially evident on the beaches here on the Cumbrian West Coast is how big the skies are and it is the wide open beaches and big skies that are the inspiration for the new series of large watercolour paintings that I have been working on over the last month.


This series of watercolours is simply called - Beaches. I displayed the first three paintings in the series at Art in The Pen in Skipton and I am very happy to say that they received a fantastic reaction. I hope you also enjoy them!



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