Original Framed

Original Framed Watercolour & Soft Pastel Paintings

Looking for some original art to brighten up your room. Then why not purchase a few original framed watercolour or soft pastel paintings.

These beautiful original artworks are painted by UK watercolour & soft pastel artist Greg Howard. When you buy here you are purchasing directly from the artists studio. This means instead of having to pay commision to a gallery I receive all the proceeds from the sale!

My paintings are available either framed or unframed and are some images are also available as limited edition giclee prints.

If you choose the framed option your original watercolour or soft pastel painting will be carefully mounted in a snow white double-mount and then framed using a natural light Ash wooden frame.

I have selected these frames because they are a lovely neutral colour and will look good in any room.  Although the frames are beautiful as they are and you can also be stain, varnish or paint them to suit your own taste & decor.

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