Commission Your Very Own Unique Artwork!

Very often people buy a landscape painting in order to remember a place that has special significance to them. I paint a lot so it is impossible for me to have everything I do displayed on the website and believe me you would not thank me if I did have it all displayed. However what that does mean is that after looking through the galleries there is a chance that you may not have found that special painting that grabs you.

Well if that is the case fear not my friend because help is at hand because you can commission me to paint your very own unique painting of that special place that you want to remember.


Whoa hold on a minute Greg! Isn’t commissioning a painting complicated and time consuming?….

Well the short answer to that is no some artists just like to make out that it is in order to charge you more. The secret is communication, you tell me what you want and I ask you a few questions in order to determine the details. This will ensure we are both on the same page and will then enable me to produce a number of sketches/studies that you can look at and fine tune before I produce your finished painting. I will also give you a choice between two finished paintings!


O.k Greg that sounds simple enough but isn’t it expensive to commission a painting?…

Not with me! I disagree with the idea that an artist should charge more for a commissioned painting than they would for another painting they have produced. Why? Well usually I invest the same amount of time in a painting regardless of whether a painting is commissioned or not so I don’t feel that it would be fair to charge more. So a painting you find on the web-site will cost exactly the same as a commissioned painting the same size. As a guide these are my standard sizes and corresponding prices (prices include a double mount & frame):

(Important Note: Please note that the above sizes are the image sizes and do not the include mount & frame. As a rough guide add 180mm to each dimension to get the total framed size. So for example size 1 framed would be roughly 530mm x 430mm overall size)


So how does it work?

First thing you need to do is to get the ball rolling - you don’t know until you ask and having a quick chat does not obligate you.

Click here to email me with an idea of what you have in mind and I can let you know if it is something I will be able to do. Once we have agreed on what you want the total time to completion i.e painting in your hands is normally 7-14 days depending on my other commitments. This is how I do things:

  • Initial Project Discussion - Tell me what you want?
  • If we are a good match you pay your deposit and I start to paint.
  • I will email initial pencil/colour sketches for you to pick from.
  • I take the sketch you pick and start work on the finished painting.
  • I will email work in progress images through to you as I go.
  • I email images of two finished paintings for you to pick from. Final additions/corrections if any.
  • You pay remaining balance and I mount, frame & ship your completed painting.

I hope that I have managed to explain the process clearly and put your mind at rest over any concerns you may have had - it is after all as simple as ordering a new sofa.

As I mentioned previously the process of commissioning a painting is very often made unnecessarily complicated by people who just want to use it as an excuse to over charge. I think that this is counterproductive as people are very often much less likely to commission artwork if they think that it is going to be 1. Complicated and 2. Cost them more.

With me it is a simple process and it does not cost you any more than any other painting you may find on my site. So all you need to do is to decide what you want me to paint, pick a size then click here to contact me.

I look forward to working with you!


Picture arrived safe and sound and we are, of course, very pleased with it.   We are re-curating our pictures to locate it in the best setting. At the moment it is with Stephen Darbyshire and Shirley Shackleton but it may end up with Geoff Pooley and W Heaton Cooper - I hope you approve. 

Many thanks for what you have done.  - Anthony Collinge


Now that the proverbial dust (and champagne) has settled following my dad's birthday celebrations this weekend, I would like to say a big thank you to you for creating us an amazing present for my dad. He - and all of the family - loved the painting, and very much appreciated your note.

Thank you very much once again!.- Sophie Galasinski


Thank you for a very fast and efficient transaction.  I was impressed that you take the time to say 'thank you' to your customers; something that is becoming very rare these days.  A pleasure to deal with a true professional.

- Yvonne Machin


We are really pleased with the paintings exactly as we expected. They are currently with the framer and we are really looking forward to hanging them.  Communication whilst purchasing the paintings was excellent and they were delivered on time and in perfect condition.

I would not hesitate to purchase further paintings from Greg. - Trevor Court



The painting arrived quickly & with great packaging to protect it during delivery, it was like pass the parcel when opening it as there were so many layers of packaging. I loved the contents too, exactly like the photograph of it on your website. The mount & the frame compliment it perfectly. I'm sure when my husband receives it as a surprise birthday present later this month he will love it as much as I do. I can't wait to give it to him now to see his reaction. Buying online when you haven't seen the actual painting before felt a little daunting but this couldn't have been any better. Good communication before buying, great post & packaging & a beautiful original painting at the end.   Many thanks. .- Val Watson


Here are a couple of questions I have been asked by other clients who have commissioned paintings from me. If your question is not listed feel free to use the contact form to drop me an email and I will get back to you with an answer asap.

How do you ship my painting and how much is shipping?

All original painting are shipped in tailor made boxes after being bubble wrapped to within an inch of their lives (I use the big bubble stuff as well so your painting is well protected). I also usually wrap the whole package in a waterproof cover as well just for good measure. To date not one painting has been damaged in transit and I have sent paintings all over the world.

I use a tracked courier service and you will be required to sign for the painting. Don’t worry I will check with you first which day is convenient for delivery before I book the courier.

Shipping for U.K mainland customers is free! Shipping for international customers is dependent on the size of the painting and will be quoted when we have our initial discussion but will be very reasonable.

Can I have the painting unframed?

Although I usually advise clients to let me frame the painting I understand that sometimes people have their own ideas regarding which frame they would like and I am happy to accommodate that. If you want me to provide your painting unframed just let me know during our initial discussion and I will amend your quote accordingly.

What mediums can I commission a painting in?

I work in watercolour or soft-pastel and sometimes a combination of the two. I will ask you to specify which is your preferred medium during our initial discussion and can advise as to which medium I think will be best suited to your subject.

Can I commission a larger painting than you have listed?

Short answer yes however there are limitations due to paper sizes and framing.

Watercolour paper & pastel paper is only produced up to a certain size so I have to work within these limitations although I have in the past occasionally done larger panoramic paintings using watercolour paper from a roll.  Best thing to do is to let me know what size you want and I will let you know if it can be done or not.

What subjects can I commission a painting of?

I paint landscapes, seascapes & townscapes and the chances are that if you have arrived on my site that is what you are looking for.

If you are looking for someone to paint the puppies or do a portrait of grandma sorry but I stick to what I am best at and besides there are plenty of other artists out there who will be able to do this for you.

Why do you take a deposit and how much is it?

I have learned from past experience that it is best to take a deposit for a commission as this ensures that both parties treat the process properly which is as a business arrangement that both parties have invested in it.

I will be setting aside time to produce initial sketches which takes me away from other areas of my business which earn me money so it is only sensible that I make sure that people are serious about their request.

The initial deposit I ask for before I start a commission is dependent on the size of the commission but will never be more than 50% of the total fee - this is paid before I start to produce initial sketches and is non-refundable. 


When and how do I pay for my completed painting?

Your completed commission painting needs to be paid for in full before it is shipped.

Deposits & paintings can be paid for by direct bank transfer, debit/credit card or paypal. I can take a cheque (does anyone use those these days?) but the cheque would need to clear before I send the artwork.

Can I return a commissioned painting?

Short answer no! I am sure you appreciate that a commissioned painting is a one of a kind that has been painted especially for you to your specifications and often the subject may not be something that I generally sell.

The process I follow is in place to ensure that if there are any problems with the painting such as the colours, composition or anything else for that matter that they are resolved before it is shipped.

If for any reason however the painting is not what you expect when you receive it (which is unlikely)  it is important that you contact me as soon as possible with your concerns and I will do my best to resolve any issues you may have.

Can I make copies of my commissioned painting?

Emphatically no!

While ownership of the painting/artwork is transferred to you on completion of the transaction the copyright for the image remains at all times with me. If you do wish to have a copy of the image for someone else I am happy to produce a print/s for you at a discounted price.

Please note very occasionally I may produce limited edition edition prints/cards of commissioned pieces for general sale or use images for publicity. This not only increases the value of the original painting but also gives you - the owner of the original artwork, that fantastically smug feeling that comes with knowledge that there is only ever one original - and it’s yours!

Although this is standard throughout the industry I realise sometimes clients are unhappy with this so I also offer a chance to purchase exclusivity which would mean that copyright would still stay with me and I would be able to use the image for publicity however I would not be able to produce prints of the image at any point. Please be aware however that this would incur and additional charge of £1500. This is based on the revenue generated by a limited edition run of 100 x A4 giclee prints @ £15 each which is smallest size of giclee I produce.  I would hasten to point out again though that if an image is used to produce prints it always increases the value of the original which you will have.

What if I don't like the final painting?

As I will be in constant contact with you throughout the whole process as long as you are honest with me and provide me with feedback when requested there is no reason for this ever to be the case.

To date I have never had a commission client say that they were not happy with the final painting when it arrived.



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