Original Watercolour Paintings

Without a doubt my first love is watercolour. It is the perfect medium as far as I am concerned for painting landscapes. Whether you want to produce a dramatic, moody painting or a tranquil, atmospheric one watercolour provides the means to do this convincingly and with a little practice very quickly which suits me fine.

I have split this gallery down into separate galleries one to make my life easier and secondly to make it easier for you good folks to find what you are looking for. You can choose between landscapes, seascapes & streetscenes. I also have separate galleries for my lake district & derbyshire inspired watercolours.

Watercolour Landscape Paintings Gallery

Watercolour Seascapes/Maritime Paintings Gallery

Watercolour Cityscapes/Street Scene Paintings Gallery

Watercolour Miniature Paintings Gallery

Lake District Watercolour Paintings Gallery

Derbyshire Peak District Watercolour Paintings Gallery


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