Original Watercolour Landscape Paintings

I am first and foremost a watercolour painter who paints impressionistic landscapes.  I love the idea of fooling the viewer into feeling that they have visited the place in the painting and that’s what the paintings in this gallery are about. None of them are of actual geographical places although some of them may be loosely based on actual places. The idea behind the work displayed here is rather than painting actual places I paint the essence or atmosphere of an area. Sometimes I will even just paint a particular light effect or a mood or feeling (yes you can paint a feeling). Either way the idea is to connect with you the viewer and evoke a memory or a feeling.

This is the kind of work I enjoy most and as anyone that has watched me painting at a show will know when I get started I am quite prolific in my work and as a result I usually have anything up to a few hundred paintings in storage at any given point so it is impossible to display everything from this section of my work in one go - you would get bored! Instead what I do is regularly swap paintings in and out of this gallery this way you get a chance to see new work (and some older work) all the time without being over loaded.  So, without further ado….here are the paintings. Enjoy!

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