Watercolour Miniatures

Small is beautiful! Good things come in small packages and so on! These are sayings I have heard my whole life as I am actually quite short myself (5’6″) however in this case I would agree as my watercolour miniatures painting series is designed to be small yet beautiful. Every painting in this series is just 125mm x 125mm (5 x 5 Inches).

The whole idea behind this series is to give you a big painting on a small piece of paper. It is also amazing just how much detail you can squeeze into that little space. The paintings in the miniatures series also come in at a small price making them perfect for those of you that would like to purchase a piece of original art but don’t necessarily want to break the bank doing it and if you are shopping for someone else they also make great presents!

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Thought about a Commission?

Still can’t find what you are looking for? No problem. Why not commission me to paint you your very own unique painting!  Unlike many other artists I do not charge extra for commissions! So you get exactly what you want and at no extra cost – what’s not to like?!

Interested?  –  Just click here for more details!


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