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Welcome to Watercolour Landscape Mastery!

Please watch the short video below

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 Over the next few hours there will be a number of emails flying across to you so don’t forget to go check your email inbox.   These emails contain a load of information you will need including all your personal access/login details for the course platform as well as information on how you can access your bonuses etc.

If you opted for my Mastery Plus or VIP package then you will also receive details on how you can access the live workshops/recordings each month.

To ensure you receive all this important information in a timely manner please ensure you add my email address to your list of approved senders.  My email address is: greg@greghoward.gallery.  This is also the address you should use to contact me if you happen to have any issues accessing anything.

TOP TIP:  Why not create a separate folder in your email program for all your course related emails so you don’t lose anything.

 Next up you need to go and join the Watercolour Mastery Facebook group.

This is a private group exclusively for people who have joined my Landscape Mastery & Seascape Mastery courses.

This is where you will get feedback/constructive criticism on your work as you progress through your course. If you want feedback from me directly all you need to do is to add the hashtag #feedback to the beginning of your post or alternatively you can tag me and I will provide you with assistance personally.  Don’t worry no one bites as everyone is in the same boat! So don’t be shy - sharing your work with your peers is a very, very important step in your progress!

The Facebook group is also where I will post any little extras I think you might be interested in i.e. some of my latest work, top tips, announcements and so on.

There has been some great work posted in the group and we have a fantastic little growing community which I want everyone who is taking the program to be part of so make sure you join!

 Materials: I do not encourage people to go out and buy a load of kit specifically for this program - this is not that type of program! Whatever you have should suffice.

However I know from past experience that some of you have “issues” and will not be happy unless you have the same kit as me 😂🤣.

But one thing I would ask before you even think about buying anything is that you first watch my Watercolour Materials - What You Need & What You Don’t Need video series. You will get access to this through your course dashboard along with your Mastery course lessons.

The guide will give you a breakdown of some of the equipment I recommend and why.

If you do decide you want to purchase some extra bits of kit then as a little extra bonus every MASTERY student receives a 10% LIFETIME DISCOUNT on Art Materials they purchase directly through my site.  This is applied by use of a discount code at checkout which you will find in the section at the bottom of the page and as a little extra I have also provided another discount code that you can use to get a £50 discount off my Complete Watercolour Painting Kit should you need it. 😉👍

And Finally…As much as I hope & pray that this whole process and journey goes smoothly for us all this is a big program and there are lots of moving parts. So if anything does seem amiss or is not working for you at any point first of all don’t worry! The chances are that it won’t be anything you have done wrong and if it is it’s probably because I did not provide clear enough instructions so don’t be stressing o.k. Gremlins

Usually the only problems we have are when the technology gremlins make an appearance grrr! Either way any problems just drop me an email to greg@greghoward.gallery telling me what’s not working for you and I will do my very best to help you and if necessary will find the gremlins that are causing things to go awry and kill them by pouring my dirty painting water over them - believe me that’s enough to kill anything off not just gremlins!

See Ya Soon!…!


If you want to go all in and fancy my Complete Watercolour Landscape Painting Kit I am giving members of this program an exclusive £50.00 discount on this. 

To claim your discount just use the following code at checkout on my website:


And here is the discount code you need to use to get your 10% discount on anything else you may order:


[Please note the 10% discount cannot be used in conjunction with the £50 kit discount - It's like I was in your head there wasn't it lol!]

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