Across The Marshes III


Title: Across The Marshes IIi – This is an original painting by U.K watercolour and soft pastel artist Greg Howard.

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The whole focus in this painting is really the sky. I wanted to portray one of those huge skies you see looming over those little coastal villages - I know bleak isn't it. However that said we can't all be inspired by pretty flowers and fluffy white clouds. I unashamedly admit that I am 100% percent inspired by bad weather lol!

The landscape itself in this has been painted in quite a muted palette to keep the focus on the dramatic sky with the only allowance being the splash of colour in the foreground grasses. I wanted to make it look a little like you are peering through the reeds at the approaching storm - a viewpoint I remember quite vividly from my childhood year when my Grandad use to take me out bird-watching with him. I used to get muddier going out with him for the day than I ever did going out to play football lol!

The original watercolour painting is 350mm x 250mm and is available either framed or unframed.

This image is also available in the following formats:

7 x 5 Inch Mounted Mini Limited Edition
33cm x 23cm Limited Edition Giclee
45cm x 33cm Limited Edition Giclee

Limited Edition Size: 100

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