After The Storm II


Title: After The Storm II – This is an original painting by U.K watercolour and soft pastel artist Greg Howard.



Originally painted as an exhibition piece at an open day at a gallery this painting has grown to be one of my firm favourites. I actually still have the original and you would have to offer me a lot of money to part with it!

If you have ever lived on or near the coast you will know that usually the people who live their have a very strong connection with the sea - after all that’s why they chose to live next to it and when the weather has been particularly bad there is that moment when the winds abate and the rain stops when a few brave souls will make their way to the beach to reconnect.

This painting is about that moment - the skies are still stormy and hold the threat of more bad weather but the pull of the sea is too strong!

The original watercolour painting is 600mm x 400mm.

This image is also available in the following formats:

7 x 5 Inch Mounted Mini Limited Edition
33cm x 23cm Limited Edition Giclee
45cm x 33cm Limited Edition Giclee
55cm x 38cm Limited Edition Giclee

Limited Edition Size: 500

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