Ashby/S.A.A Soft Artists Pastels – Set of 36

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This generous set of pastels has such a vast spectrum of colours you are sure to be spoilt for choice.

These Artists Soft Pastels are manufactured using the finest pigments to produce a smooth working, velvet textured pastel. All colours blend readily with gentle rubbing and can be mixed to produce immediate hues.

See information page below for details of the colours included in this set.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Colours Included

?Colours Include:?001 White?2265 Light Yellow (5)?2268 Light Yellow (8)?2263 Light Yellow (3)?2275 Golden Ochre Pale (5)?0205 Lemon (5)?2295 Orange Yellow (5)?2289 English Red (9)?0238 Orange (8)?2287 English Red (7)?1487 Flesh Tint (7)?0233 Orange (3)?0825 Permanent Magenta (5)?2305 Deep Rose (5)?0605 Alizarin Crimson (5)?0959 Permanent Red (9)?1458 Dioxazine Violet (8)?2315 Permanent Red Deep (5)?1168 Cerulean Tint (8)?0345 Prussian Blue (5)?0618 French Ultramarine (8)?0615 French Ultramarine (5)?0368 Turquoise Blue (8)?1455 Dioxazine Violet (5)?0767 Phthalo Green (7)?0395 Viridian (5)?0749 Chromium Oxide Green (9)?2339 Cool Grey (9)?2045 Blue Grey (5)?2338 Cool Grey (8)?2345 Smoke Grey (5)?0435 Burnt Umber (5)?0445 Burnt Sienna (5)?1265 Sanguine (5)?2355 Burnt Umber Natural (5)?042 Black?Key to tint: ?(3) Full Shade with Black?(5) Full Shade?(7), (8), (9) Full shade with increasing amounts of white?Every possible care is taken when packing these Artists' Quality pastels. ?However, due to their fragility, if a breakage should occur during transport, neither performance nor quality will be affected.


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