Common Riding II – Its Peltin Doon but Whae Cares


Title: Common Riding II – Its Peltin Doon but Whae Cares – This is an original painting by U.K watercolour and soft pastel artist Greg Howard.



The common riding celebrations in the Scottish Border towns are a great time to be in the area. Everyone involved has a great time and it is a time for those borderers who have left the area to return to their home towns and get in touch with their roots again.

As a result there tends to be rather copious amounts of alcohol drunk which can be a good thing because as we all know unfortunately it tends to rain quite a lot in Scotland whatever time of year it is but at least you don’t notice so much if your half-cut.

The original watercolour painting is 330mm x 500mm and is available either framed or unframed.


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