Daniel Smith Gouache 15ml Tube – Titanium White

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Daniel Smith Gouache 15ml Tube – Titanium White: Daniel Smith produce some of the finest watercolour paints in the world with a pigment colour intensity that is second to none. I recommend these watercolour paints every chance I get.

Daniel Smith Gouache 15ml Tube - Titanium White

Create light shades with a creamy finish by mixing Titanium White with your favorite pigments. This color can be used straight from the tube to add highlights. Excellent lightfastness and a smooth finish are hallmarks of this useful pigment, which is the strongest of all artist whites, lending excellent coverage and opacity.

SKU: 284860004

Pigment: PW 6 | Series: 1

Lightfastness: Excellent

Staining: Non-Staining

Transparency: Opaque

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