Daniel Smith Watercolours – 15ml Tube Landscape Set – Purples & Greys


Daniel Smith Watercolours – 15ml Tube Landscape Set – Purples & Greys: Daniel Smith produce some of the finest watercolour paints in the world with a pigment colour intensity that is second to none. I recommend these watercolour paints every chance I get.


Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolours currently offer a range of 249 different colours, with more in the works every year. The sheer range of possibility they offer is endless and unparalleled in the industry. The amazing selection of colours spans the spectrum from the historical, to their natural earth and PrimaTek colors, to Quinacridones, the brightest and boldest colours modern technology has to offer.

As a professional artist it is important that the colours I use offer me consistent, high quality results and Daniel Smith do this and more.

My landscape sets includes the colours that I personally use and recommend for landscape painting. This set includes the following colours:

Wisteria (231) Series 2
Carbazole Violet (019) Series 2
Bloodstone Genuine (193) Series 2
Paynes Grey (065) Series 1

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