Fell Run


Title: A Walk Along The River – Original Watercolour Painting. This image is also available as a high quality Limited Edition Giclee Print. Painted by U.K professional artist Greg Howard


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Every year all over the Lake District there are various opportunities where mad people can go and put themselves through hell running (yes I said running) up and down the fells. This breed of super humans called "Fell Runners" have always fascinated me. As a keen hill walker myself I find that the my motivation for dragging myself up the fells is for the views, the solitude and the opportunity to reflect. There is of course the exercise element of this but to be honest that has always been a secondary consideration.

So,  fell running to me is completely contrary to all of this as there is I feel no way that you can realistically enjoy the view when you are hurtling down a hillside. I understand that as humans we all have the need to challenge ourselves but surely there are other ways to do this without putting yourself through this kind of torture every weekend lol!

Anyway this painting is a celebration of all those (mad) brave men and women who have taken up this noble past-time who put the rest of us mere mortals to shame as they whizz by us at a rate of knots when we are out walking. All Hail the Fell Runners!

The original watercolour painting is 600mm x 420mm and is available either framed or unframed.

This image is also available in the following formats:

7 x 5 Inch Mounted Mini Limited Edition
33cm x 23cm Limited Edition Giclee
45cm x 33cm Limited Edition Giclee

Limited Edition Size: 100


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Greg Howard is a professional fine artist specialising in atmospheric, dramatic landscapes in watercolour & soft pastel. His work can be found in collections worldwide and he is a sought after tutor due to his easy going, informative no nonsense approach to the medium.

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