Greg Howard Watercolour Mop Brush


Greg Howard Watercolour Mop Brush – High quality synthetic mop brush that mimic’s natural squirrel hair made by Rosemary Brush Co


These NEW Sienna Mop Brushes from Rosemary Brush Company are fantastic!

The brushes are designed to retain lots of water & pigment so they are fantastic for producing LARGE fluid washes and loose expressive strokes but because of their newly improved point they are also great for adding in any little flourishes of detail you might want to add without you having to change brushes! You can even taper your brush strokes from a full bodied wash right down to a razor thin line without running out of paint half-way across the page or having to change brush - A truly versatile brush!

These actually "feel" and paint like natural hair, but have the advantage of being 100% synthetic and vegan friendly. They are economically priced. Also, with synthetic, that extra 'bounce' is prominent and useful.
These new mops are perfect for you if you are struggling to break away from rigid, detailed work into something looser and more expressive!

Hand-made in sunny Yorkshire exclusively by Rosemary Brush Company who produce some of the finest watercolour brushes on the market today.

I stock and recommend these two sizes:

Size 3 -  Diameter: 11.1mm  |  Bristle Length: 36mm  |  Handle Length: 178mm
Size 12 - Diameter: 19mm  |  Bristle Length: 54mm  |  Handle Length: 178mm

Additional information

Weight0.1 kg
Sienna Mop Sizes

Size 3, Size 12


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Greg Howard is a professional fine artist specialising in atmospheric, dramatic landscapes in watercolour & soft pastel. His work can be found in collections worldwide and he is a sought after tutor due to his easy going, informative no nonsense approach to the medium.

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