Greg Howard Deep Well Watercolour Palette Box | Palette


One of the best watercolour palettes on the market today. Keep your watercolour tube paints fresh for weeks!


Love using tube paints but sick of having to wash paint down the sink after each painting session? Now there is a solution!

Try one of my Deep Well Watercolour Palette Boxes specially designed to keep your paints fresh for longer. Just give the sponge a quick spray of water before you close the box and your paints will stay fresh for weeks if not months!

The Deep Well Watercolour Palette Box is supplied complete with a useful separate mixing tray, which including the lid and the internal mixing space gives you three large, flat versatile surfaces for mixing plenty of colour plus 20 deep paint wells allowing you the freedom to keep a good selection of colours ready to hand.

The palette box is made from a high quality thick rigid plastic so will stand up to a lot of punishment. (Sponge included but colour may vary.) Dimensions: 35 x 25 x 4cm.

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