SAA Sword Liner Watercolour Brushes




These swordliner brushes are made from a blue squirrel mix and are beautifully tapered with a very fine point.

The beauty of this brush shape is that it allows you to taper your brush stroke from a thick line right down to a very fine line (without the tremble sometimes associated with a rigger) and you can get some fantastic loose effects when you twist the brush from side to side. One of the other advantages these have over riggers for fine line work is that because the brush has a nice belly to it it does not run out of paint half way through a stroke like a rigger will.

I use these brushes for branch work and foliage on trees plus they are fantastic for rigging, telephone cables etc.

A versatile brush that any watercolour painter should not be without and a perfect compliment to my big brush set.

Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Brush Sizes

Large – 15mm, Small – 12mm


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