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Greg Howard Watercolour Painting Kit: Basic


Greg Howard Watercolour Painting Kit: Basic (Palette, Brush & Spray)

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Get my three best friends in one bundle!

This kit Includes:
1 x John Pike Big Well Watercolour Palette
1 x Greg Howard 1 1/2 Inch Big Flat Brush
1 x Artists Fine Spray Water Bottle 200ml

In this kit you get the John Pike Universal Watercolour Palette Box which is in my opinion one of the best palettes available. Not only has it got lots & lots of mixing space but it's also airtight which means your paints stay fresh for longer. And it's indestructible!

You will also receive one of my Big Flat Brushes which is the brush I use to paint around 80-90% of each of my paintings before grudgingly switching to a smaller brush to add final details. This brush is extremely versatile, resilient and a joy to use and just a great addition to your kit. It also kills one of the biggest enemies of watercolourists - fiddling! With this brush you just can't fiddle which means your work will stay fresh and loose instead of tired & overdone! These brushes are handmade in the UK by Rosemary Brush Company who are one of the finest brush makers in the universe I believe!

Finally you get one of my 200ml Fine Spray Bottles. These are great for keeping the paint alive. When you have a wash that is starting to dry and you need a little more time just give it a quick spray and you can continue working. I also use these sprays to produce clouds, foregrounds and texture and you can even use it to correct mistakes. It's a really handy thing to have and no watercolour artist should be without one.

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1 review for Greg Howard Watercolour Painting Kit: Basic

  1. pb1954 (verified owner)

    I might have to buy another fairly soon, the mixing area is a good size and there is the large inner tray and the inside of the lid if you need a lot of space for mixing, plenty of large wells for paint. everything else is fine, good size spray bottle, brush handles nicely and the blades and sponge do what they are meant to do

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Greg Howard is a professional fine artist specialising in atmospheric, dramatic landscapes in watercolour & soft pastel. His work can be found in collections worldwide and he is a sought after tutor due to his easy going, informative no nonsense approach to the medium.

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