John Pike Big Well Watercolour Palette

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The best watercolour palettes on the market today (in my opinion) – The John Pike Big Well. This palette has plenty mixing space and keep your watercolour paints fresh for weeks!

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This is the palette that I have personally used for nearly thirty years - The John Pike Big Well Palette! And I am very happy to say that John Pike Art have kindly given me permission to offer this fantastic palette for sale on my site.

This fantastic palette has 18 easy to clean 5cm (2") paint wells and plenty of mixing space. Designed with the help of American artist John Pike, the Big Well let's you use larger brushes with ease which is great when you are working on a larger scale but I mainly like it because when you use big brushes you can't fiddle!

Each well has a “wash dam” which is high enough to keep your paints in their individual wells but low enough to allow you to easily pull paint onto the palettes mixing area.

The large mixing area this palette not only gives you plenty of room to mix colours but it also lets you check the consistency of your washes before you apply them to the paper - no more colour tester sheets!

The Pike Big Well's lid is great for taking your palette on the go and helps to prevent your paints from drying out. It also doubles up as another large mixing area.

Injection molded ABS makes this super tough palette safe for all paints and paint thinners (even turpentine!)and has the enviable reputation of being the only UNBREAKABLE plastic art palette on the market.

Palette Dimensions:
Length: 38.1cm (15 1/4”)
Width: 26.7cm (10 3/4”)
Height: 2.3cm (3/4)

Additional information

Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions38 × 27 × 3 cm


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