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These days I rarely produce finished paintings on location as I much prefer the comfort of the studio with its close proximity to unlimited coffee a heater and plenty of good music. However I do always make sure that I have my camera and my plein air sketch kit packed into my ruck sack before I head out for a day in the hills.

I have refined the materials in my artists sketching kit over the years so that now I only carry the bare essentials required to produce a reliable sketch quickly which contains enough reference to enable me to recapture that special moment back in the studio. The materials I have chosen don’t just let me produce normal run of the mill contour sketches but they also allow me to produce full blown tonal sketches that resemble finished works. I have in fact sold a few.

My plein air sketch kit includes:

1 x A5 Seawhite Travel Journal - Contains 64 sheets of 130gsm high quality cartridge paper
1 x Koh-I-Noor Clutch Pencil - Mechanical clutch pencil complete with a 2b lead
1 x Koh-I-Noor Kneadable Art Eraser with Case - Can be shaped to remove fine detail
1 x Set of 3 Derwent Water Brushes - Allows you to add water to the mix
1 x Set of 6 Derwent XL Graphite Blocks - Can be used dry or wet to produce shaded areas or washes of tone

Normal price for these items bought individually would be nearly £40 on the site which is already a saving on the recommended retail price which is £49. So at £35 for the complete kit plus free postage if you live in the U.K you would be mad not to get one. These also make fantastic gifts for the other arty people in your life.

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