Uart Sanded Pastel Paper Trial Pack – 6 x 11in

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The UART Trial Pack includes seven different graded sheets so is the perfect way to try out this fantastic paper!!

This pack includes all grades: 240, 280, 320, 400, 500, 600, and 800.

UART Pastel paper is the choice of many professional pastel artists. The texture is perfect for pastel drawings where consistency is demanded.

UART is a premium sanded paper that will accept multiple applications of soft and hard pastels. Good results have also been achieved in other mediums such as coloured pencil, charcoal and watercolours.

UART is consistent and has a low profile which allows for easy erasing using a clear adhesive tape. Artists love this premium paper since it accepts many layers of hard and soft pastels.

Difference between grades:
?400 ? a favorite of many professional pastel artists and ideal for those trying UART for the first time
?500 ? a moderate tooth for any medium
?600 ? perfect for those with a focus on detailed work
?800 ? finest tooth, popular for super fine past

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