Soft Pastel Painting Time Lapse Videos | Pastel Demonstrations

Artists and the process of painting have always been a constant source of fascination for people. You only need to put an easel on a street corner and within minutes there will be a crowd of people milling round to watch the show.

In this age of internet we have the electronic equivalent of this in time lapse video. This allows people to watch artists go from a blank sheet of paper or canvas to a finished painting in the comfort of their own living room - much better I am sure you will agree than standing in the rain and cold on a street corner for 4hours!

Anyway I thought I would provide you all you fellow arty types & the generally curious with a selection of short time lapse videos here demonstrating the creative process & methods behind some of my soft-pastel paintings.

At the bottom of each video where possible is a link to the painting on my site - you know just in case you would like to buy the original painting or maybe even a limited edition print for your wall 😉

Happy viewing!

[NOTE: Just in case you are wondering, I use Unison Soft Pastels to produce all my pastel paintings - I even have my own sets. Click here for details: Unison Soft Pastel Sets ]

Down By The River - Time Lapse Video

Staring Into The Heavens - Time Lapse Video

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