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Revitalise Your Watercolour:

A 3-day virtual boot-camp jam-packed full of tips, techniques & inspiration to get you back to being best friends with watercolour again and on the road to producing paintings you are proud of!

Bootcamp Runs: 28th November - 30th November 2022 |  Sessions will be at 6pm each day and will last around  an hour & recordings will be available!

Want to Paint Loose, Vibrant Watercolours Full of Texture & Colour But Usually End Up With Something A Bit Naff?

You Know You Have Some Great Paintings Inside You Just Bursting To Come Out But…

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What Usually Happens Is…

Brightness And Contrast


You can’t get enough colour or tonal contrast in your paintings to create drama and impact

or the bright vibrant colours you thought you had added end up disappearing or turning into a muddy mess.



Every second painting you do ends up in the bin either because it lacks dimension & interest (is boring)

or ends up being a mess of haphazard detail that has your viewer wondering where they are supposed to look.



Instead of being enjoyable & fun your painting time ends up being stressful because you keep making mistakes

because you don’t know how to correct things and because everyone keeps telling you that you can’t correct anything in watercolour anyway!

You feel like an artist and you’ve always wanted to paint so why is it so difficult? Is it you that’s the problem?...


Do you end up putting more paintings in the bin than you put on your walls?



Do you regularly have days where you feel like you just don’t have any talent!

Does it ever seem like no matter how hard you try you just keep coming up against the same problems & issues time & time again?

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Hi, I'm Greg And  I Get You!...

Once upon a time not so long ago I was asking myself exactly the same questions and coming up against exactly the same issues & problems that you are with watercolour.

So what changed? Did I suddenly find a magic key or grow a talent tree - Nope but sort of!...

I changed my methods! One day in a moment of clarity it suddenly dawned on me that no one is born an artist which means everyone starts at the same level.

It therefore followed that if I wasn’t as good as the next person with a paintbrush then that must be down to what or how I was learning! - Makes sense doesn’t it!

So, I changed a few things and guess what? It worked! In fact, within just a few months I went from being ready to throw my paintbrushes in the bin to being able to quickly & confidently paint beautiful watercolour landscape paintings on a regular basis with my odds of success drastically increasing all the time.

I’ve now spent the last decade and a bit as a full-time professional artist and as a part of that have spent a bit of time teaching what I know through workshops & demos at art clubs & societies across the U.K and had the pleasure of watching many people become best friends with watercolour again after going through years of frustration - Just like I did!



If You Keep Doing The Same Things You’re Going To Get The Same Results! So If You Want To Progress You Need To Start Approaching Watercolour Differently!


Look, you don’t have to be born with talent to become a great artist and those who believe this show a complete disregard for the time & effort many of us put into honing our craft.

Getting good is about commitment, a bit of practice & where you can, learning a few shortcuts. Those who insist you need talent generally believe this about everything as it gives them an excuse for not putting in the time & effort to get good at anything.

Harsh but true!

So if the traditional, regular way of working through following step by step painting lessons is not going to be effective for you in the long run - regardless of how hard you try and how much you practice then it’s fairly obvious what you need isn’t it?

You need a different way of learning. So what would this look like? Well…


Ideally when we’re learning to paint we really need a tutor who is at a stage where they have already made all the mistakes for you, can guide you in a way that shows you how you can continue to make progress whilst avoiding the pitfalls and at the same time not stifle your personal creativity.

So let’s give you that!...


Revitalise Your Watercolour:

3 Days Of Technique & Inspiration

Learn How To Bypass The Hurdles Blocking Your Progress
& Start Painting Confidently With Watercolour.

THE NEXT BOOTCAMP WILL BE HELD:  28th November - 30th November

Becoming A Good Artist Is About Practice & Commitment. If You Want To Become A Great Artist It’s About Style & Flair!

I know you don’t want to be just a good artist - You want to be a great one!

To become great you need to shorten your learning curve by learning correctly, you need to learn a few shortcuts & tricks & above all you must start developing your own style!

I can help you with all that!…


Let’s Get You Producing Paintings You’re Proud Of!

3 Days Of Live Training Direct From A Professional Artist's Studio For Less Than The Cost Of A Decent Paint Brush

Join me live from the studio and let me show you how to overcome some of the biggest watercolour hurdles. These sessions will contain some key points from my own 30-year watercolour journey distilled into essential steps that you can take RIGHT NOW to kickstart your progress again, massively shorten your learning curve & start taking steps to developing your own style!




Five Simple Ways to Improve Your Watercolours Instantly

Let me teach you five very simple things that you can do/change immediately that will help you to improve not only your watercolours but your painting in general.

These are the first things I changed in my own painting practice that helped me to take some huge steps forward in my ability.



Painting Is Not About Talent - It's About How You Do What You Do!

Watch me paint two quick landscapes in 15-30 mins each (Yes I said 15-30 Minutes Each!) using just a few of the techniques I use.

This will illustrate that when you move away from just using traditional methods & techniques and adopt a few tricks & shortcuts you can get infinitely better results, much faster & with much less stress! Some of these techniques will increase how productive your painting time is by 10x!!



Learn How To Start Developing Your Own Unique Artistic Style

You don’t want to learn to paint like someone else do you? It’s O.K to admire and even emulate our favourite artists a little but at some point you need to know how to take a step out into the great arty unknown and start developing your own style & artistic persona.

Day 3 is all about showing you how you can start doing just that!

BUT Wait, There’s More!
You Also Get All Of This!...

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Access To The Revitalise Your Watercolour Pop-Up Facebook Group!

Consider this your hub for the three days! This is where you can post your attempts at the demos, talk and connect with other like-minded individuals - after all we are all in this together, and access recordings of the sessions if you can’t make it live!

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The Ultimate Guide to Watercolour Jargon – Kill The Confusion!

A glossary containing clear, jargon free explanations of some of the popular lingo and downright strange expressions you will no doubt have heard many of us more seasoned watercolour artists bandying about. Ever wondered what NOT paper is? - I mean is it paper or not? What’s granulation? Has it got something to do with your Grannie? - Get the answer to all those little niggly questions in this handy pdf guide.

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Watercolour Materials – What You Need & (More Importantly) What You Don’t Need!

A four part short video guide to materials giving you a list of the essentials you need to paint anything decent with watercolour and more importantly some points on what you really don’t need but will probably be convinced by art supplies shops to buy anyway. Watching this short video guide will take you under an hour but will potentially save you lot’s of time, money & space because after all, you have to have somewhere to put all that crap you don’t need!

Bonus 1

Get Inspired Bootcamp - Get Your Inspiration Back In Just 4 Days!

Ever lost your painting mojo? Don’t worry we all have and it sucks especially when it’s your day job! Well worry no more because this little guide will give you my own tried & tested method to get you back to having more ideas for paintings than you know what to do with. This is the exact system I personally use to restart my creative inspiration when I hit that all too familiar mental brick wall.

Bonus 1

Membership to my VIP Artists Club + 10% Off Art Materials!!

The gift that keeps giving! Get FREE membership to my VIP Artist Club where you will receive monthly-ish tips, tricks & inspiration, helpful articles & videos on everything arty as well as access to some very, very special offers. And as an extra special welcome bonus I’ll also give you 10% of your first art materials order placed on my main website!

So, Tell Me Again What Do I Get’s For Me Cash!

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The Revitalise Your Watercolours 3-Day Workshop - What’s Included In A Nutshell!

Learn 5 simple things you can do now to help you improve your watercolours & your painting in general.

Watch me paint 2 x Watercolour Landscapes using a few simple techniques that will get you great results fast.

Learn why you should & how you can start developing your own artistic style in just a few weeks.

Access To The Revitalise Your Watercolour Pop-Up Facebook Group!

The Ultimate Guide to Watercolour Jargon – Kill The Confusion!

Watercolour Materials – What You Need & (More Importantly) What You Don’t Need!

Get Inspired Bootcamp - Get Your Inspiration Back In Just 4 Days!

Membership to my VIP Artists Club + 10% Off Art Materials!!

Sound good? More importantly does it sound helpful - Will it get you out of that rut & moving forward?

Credit Only

Didn’t Feel It, Didn’t Get It! Meh!.. 100% Money Back Guarantee!


If you honestly feel you didn’t take any value away from the 3-days then just email me within 7-days for a full no question’s asked refund.

That said, in order to move forward & progress, sometimes we need to question and even let go of some old habits & approaches that we may have previously just accepted as the way things are done. So, if this is not you then let’s not waste each other’s time!

Not Sure? Here’s What Some Other People Just Like You Think!

– Hazel Manning


“Thank you for a great painting course. I really enjoyed it. I thought I would learn a couple of tips for painting watercolours but had my painting world turned upside down. You answered many of my half-thought questions for which I hadn’t realised that I was looking for answers. I was heading towards being a watercolour purist but you have opened up the door for me to a wider interpretation of applying the media. It’s going to take a while to incorporate my learning into my new paintings but I am looking forward to the challenge with supercharged vigour. I now understand why your courses are so popular. Thanks again.”

– Brian Gilbert


“Hi Greg, just a quick email to say thank you so much for the wonderful workshop yesterday. I was nearly ready for throwing my watercolours in the bin but you have shown me the way forward. Thanks for sharing your approach & experience and see you next year!”

- Debbie Falson


Got Questions? I Have Answers!...


I’m a Beginner - Is This Right For Me?

This bootcamp is aimed primarily at people who have been painting for a little while who now find themselves unable to progress.  However,  as long as you can handle the basics then you will be fine and because you are new hopefully I can maybe help prevent you from developing all those bad habits that everyone else has!


Are these Step-by-Step Paint Along Lessons?

No! As you’ll find out, reliance on step-by-step lessons is actually one of the reasons many painters never progress. I’ll be demonstrating techniques but I would rather you watched then had a go later as it’s my intention to cram as much as I can into these sessions so I’ll be painting quickly & giving out lots of tips as I go and I really don’t want you to miss anything.


Will There Be Recordings of The Sessions?

Yes.  Recordings of each session will be available in the pop-up facebook group for a short time but if you would like permanent access to these so you can have a resource that you can refer back to time & time again.  Don’t forget to make sure you add the downloadable recordings option to your order!


What Equipment Do I Need For The Bootcamp?

Two eyes & two ears - that’s it!

These sessions are not paint along lessons!  Throughout the course of the boot-camp I will be demonstrating lots of methods & techniques that I personally use that once adopted into your own painting practice will supercharge your progress. I will also be giving out lots of tips & guidance on equipment which will help you moving forward.


Why Is It So Cheap To Join?

I know it’s not a lot of money for what you’re getting but I’m sick of seeing people struggle with watercolour so I’ve made this as affordable as possible. I’d give it away but I only want people onboard who are serious about improving their skills so if I charge a small fee it gets rid of the time wasters who are just looking for another free lesson. Obviously you’re not like that because you’re still here! 👍

So Are You In? Are You Ready To Revitalise Your Watercolours?

If you are serious about getting good with watercolour and want to get to a stage where you can pick up a brush and be confident that you will end up with something half decent on the paper by the time you’re finished then this is for you. You will not master this medium by following the traditional method of learning. You know that already because, if that was the case, wouldn’t everyone be great?

Just the fact you’re here on this page today indicates you’re already one step ahead of the crowd and you realise that to get good at this you need to do things a little differently to everyone else.

So let me show you exactly what you need to do differently & let’s get you moving in the right direction.





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