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Hiya and welcome to my watercolour academy. Here is where you will find a growing selection of online watercolour tuition videos & courses designed to help you get to grips with this wonderful but sometimes frustrating medium.

I have produced these workshops & courses with one thing in mind which is to help you get the results you want and have you painting confidently with the medium quickly!

The academy is free to join! Yes, that’s right I said free!!! So click the ‘Academy Member Login’ button above and create your account now while you are here - it only takes a few seconds!  When you sign-up you will be sent an email with your personal login details and a login link. You can either use the login link in the email or the one provided above. I would advise you to put a shortcut on your desktop to this page or add it to your favourites that way you can access it whenever you like without having to go searching for a link.

As an added bonus when you sign up to the academy you will also be added to my VIP Artists club mailing list which means that not only will you be kept up to date with what’s available in the academy but you will also receive some very special offers direct to your inbox every month (ish).

There are a few free courses & lessons available in the academy for you to try out which will give you an idea of whether you and me will be a good fit. I am not exactly traditional in my approach to the medium and some of the techniques I use send traditionalists running for the hills screaming in revulsion but you know what that’s why my workshops sell out every year and that’s why I get asked back to art clubs time & time again.  Simply because I provide people with techniques that get them results and take away all the confusion and needless clutter surrounding this medium so you can actually enjoy painting with watercolour rather than be constantly stressing that you are doing it wrong. I got news for you - There is no right or wrong way…this is art!!!

I show people like you how to get your head out of the way and how to ditch all that ‘traditional is the only way’ crap (can I say that, Oh I just did oops!) and then I show you how you can take your paintings to the next level very, very quickly!

Sound good? Great jump on board!  Below you will find a range of full on courses as well as a selection of one-off workshops. The offerings here are added to on a regular basis so if you don’t see what you want please sign up for updates or better still click the live chat button at the bottom right of the page and tell me what you are looking for and I will see if I can help - if you don’t ask you don’t get!  That said please don’t be asking for lessons on how to paint puppies, portraits or flowers - I do landscapes & seascapes, that’s it.

Anyway that’s enough from me. Go have a look at what’s on offer and I’ll see you on the inside. Welcome to the Watercolour Revolution!!!



Learn to paint watercolour landscapes like a pro in just 12 weeks! Over 30 lessons incl’ 5 full length workshops!



6 weeks of world class watercolour painting tuition that will take your watercolour seascapes from washout to wow! Learn the techniques that I use to produce my own watercolour seascapes in this fantastic collection of online watercolour lessons!



That’s right get lifetime access to both courses + all the bonuses and save an extra £100. That’s 18 weeks of world class watercolour tuition in the comfort of your own living room from a professional artist!


A free four part course that will help you get to grips with the confusing subject of materials. What do you actually need to produce a great painting and more importantly what don’t you need!…


Yup we do soft-pastel tuition here as well….in the Watercolour Academy lol!

Later this year I will be releasing a collection of soft-pastel workshops for your delectation. The bundle will include 8-10 (not decided yet) different scenes and will be a selection of landscapes & seascapes that I think you will enjoy having a go at. As always I will provide a full explanation of the process I used to produce each painting from start to finish warts & all. Interested? Sign up for updates below!


Feeling like just kicking back for a few minutes and watching someone else do the hard work?

No problem why not watch a few of these watercolour & soft-pastel time lapse video lessons where you can watch me demonstrate the process behind some of the paintings I have produced.

Plus if you like the final painting you can even treat yourself to a limited edition print 😉 Enjoy!

Brantwood Workshops Ad Optimised

Fancy attending a one day or three day workshop right here in the lake district at Brantwood on the eastern shores of lake Coniston?

Just click below for more information & booking!

Join The Watercolour Revolution!

Watercolour Tuition With A Difference!

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