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Your Shortcut to Producing Great Paintings!

Learn the simple but highly effective techniques that professional artists use to produce stunning, vibrant, loose, atmospheric watercolour landscape paintings quickly & confidently...


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Your Shortcut to Producing Great Paintings!

Learn the simple but highly effective techniques that professional artists use to produce stunning, vibrant, loose, atmospheric watercolour landscape paintings quickly & confidently...


Click Here to read my reviews on Trust Pilot

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If for any reason you are not happy with WLM just drop me an email
within 30 days with your order details and I will provide a full refund.

There are literally thousands of art tutors out there who will happily take your money then give you access to a little collection of step-by-step exercises they have compiled. That's exactly how you may have learned to paint in watercolour up to now.


However the whole process of teaching people how to paint solely through step-by-step exercises is majorly flawed! Why?...Well all it actually does is teach you how to paint like just someone else!


Think about it wasn't your success in those lessons almost always determined by how closely your painting resembles the painting of the tutor that you are following. Don't you think it's a little wrong that your initial worth as an artist should be determined solely by how well you copy someone else?


Isn't your art supposed to be unique as it is a way to express yourself creatively?


Learning this way means you are always comparing yourself to someone else and the truth of the matter is that because you are not that person you will never be able to paint like them. So unfortunately you are effectively doomed to fail from the moment you pick up your brushes. This system of learning also leads to there being thousands and thousands of painters who all basically produce work that looks the same - you just need to look in any online gallery or artists Facebook group to see this for yourself.


The crux of the problem here is that the majority of tutors out there neglect one really important thing which is to teach you how to develop your own style and artistic persona. This is very often because the lessons that they develop for you and the style of teaching they adopt are so precise that they do allow any room for any creative input from you.  You can probably relate to this.


The most upsetting thing about this is that this has led to there being a huge number of painters who are unable to produce anything unless they have something to copy and have their hand held all the way to the finish line so to speak.


There is a huge difference between being inspired by someone and copying them and those lines become very, very blurred when tutors do not encourage students to think for themselves and have their own creative input in the process.


So to sum up most people who start painting will never become great artists and it is not because of anything they have done wrong but rather it's the methods of learning and the processes and techniques they are learning that are actually hindering their progress.


However I don't want to discourage you because as from the moment you landed on this page you actually have another option which is far more effective!




  • Buy lots of art tuition books & DVD's,

  • Watch hundreds of YouTube videos,
  • Subscribe to various magazines, blogs & websites,
  • Spend money attending workshops
  • Spend money taking evening classes
  • Spend money on private tuition
  • Worse case spend thousands attending art college

Estimated Timescale To Completion: 10-40 Years+


  • Join WLM and take a huge step forward in just a few weeks!

  • That's it!...

Timescale To Completion: 12 weeks (2-3hrs maximum per week)

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If for any reason you are not happy with WLM just drop me an email within 30 days with your order details and I will provide a full refund.

So Who The Hell Am I And Why On Earth Would You Want To Listen To Me?...


Good question! My name is Greg Howard and first of all you should know that I am first and foremost a professional working artist.  I am completely self-taught and have spent the last 20-30 years working hard to get to the stage where I make my living through the sale of my work. So painting pictures and then selling those pictures is my day job - pretty cool huh!


The point I am trying to get across here is that I am first & foremost a working professional artist - not an art teacher! I spend my time creating paintings that appeal to my customers whereas an art teacher will spend their time creating paintings that will make good exercises.  In the case of college/university art teachers they have no creative input whatsoever in the proceedings they just follow a predetermined curriculum which has one purpose namely to get you to pass an exam. Passing an exam does not make you a good artist.


Bearing that in mind just take a second here and ask yourself who would you rather learn from?  A professional artist who spends his time creating what he wants to create or a teacher who rarely creates anything for themselves?


Now I'm going to let you into a little secret now which is that I never, ever wanted to teach and truth be told I kind of got into the whole teaching thing by accident. Like many artists I am quite a shy, introverted person and the initially the very thought of standing up and painting in front of a bunch of strangers scared the life out of me.


So what happened?  Well, way back in the early 2000's I was contacted by an art society in Derbyshire who asked if I would be willing to come and demonstrate some of my techniques to their members. They offered to pay me for my time and also promised me lots of coffee & home-made cake (that's what clinched it really 🤤).


I thought it might be a fun way to spend a couple of hours if I could keep my nerves in check and so accepted their invitation and went along to paint for them.  It went pretty well and word got around and pretty soon I started getting bookings left right & centre to provide demonstrations & workshops for other art clubs & societies all across the U.K.



That's me trying to look windswept & interesting.
I think I managed the windswept bit quite well!...

As it turns out apparently I was a pretty good teacher - who knew! I rated because I made the whole process fun & entertaining, didn't take myself too seriously and more importantly encouraged everyone to throw the rule book in the bin and just paint!


After lots of prompting I also started hosting my own workshops and finally fast forward to 2020 when after much more poking & prodding I finally came around to the idea of putting the stuff I had been demonstrating and teaching in these workshops online so that more people could benefit from it. Why? Well the truth of the matter is that these days I find myself in a constant state of frustration at seeing people needlessly struggle with this wonderful medium and all usually because of just a hand-full of things that can be easily changed very quickly to give people almost instantly better results.


That led to the creation of my Watercolour Landscape Mastery course or WLM. And so here we are!...

Why WLM Is Different To Other Watercolour Painting Courses!



The idea behind WLM is very simple - give you everything that you need to create great paintings quickly without all the unnecessary padding that you will find in other painting courses. Many courses will bundle in a load of unnecessary flannel & theory just to justify the price they are charging - I don't do that!


In WLM you get as close to a live teaching environment or workshop/demo experience as it is possible to get without actually being in the studio with me.  Very little of the course was scripted and most lessons were filmed in just one take.  Any mistakes that were made were left in so that you get to see exactly how to deal with them.  After all that's what happens when we paint but unfortunately mistakes are something that most tutors will do their best to edit out which does not really provide you with a realistic portrayal of the process of watercolour.  Things happen unexpectedly in watercolour and you need to learn how to ride that wave creatively rather than try and beat the medium into submission. A little control is a good thing but you must also give the medium enough breathing space to do what it does best.


It's important to me that you get results quickly - I don't want you taking thirty years like I did!  So in WLM you are taught methods & techniques that actually work that will make your painting time much more productive and get you painting faster, looser & more confidently within weeks. Not months or years but weeks!


You will be taught how to design paintings that work, paintings that will captivate people and move them on a deeper level like good art should.


I should add here that I am not a fan of theory and I think I would be safe in the assumption that most artists are not either - were just not designed that way. So any theory I think you may need is taught by stealth through practical demonstrations.


But here is the most important reason why I want you to really consider joining WLM...


In WLM from the word go you will be encouraged to start developing as an independent artist. I want to see you paint like YOU... not like me so the techniques you will be shown give you enough creative latitude to put your own stamp on things. In fact if by the time you get to the final workshop paintings you end up just producing carbon copies of what I am doing then quite frankly you have not listened to a thing I have taught you.


This is the sort off invaluable stuff you will learn in WLM that will help ensure that when you finish the course in just 12 weeks time you will be proficient enough to carry on independently and be more than able to produce your own paintings in your very own definitive, unique, artistic style.


In other words you won't just have learned a bunch of methods & techniques to help you improve your, instead you will have learned how to be an artist!

So Who Is This Course For And Who Is It Not For?


Before we go any further here we need to establish first of all whether you and me are going to be a good fit.

After all there is absolutely no sense in you wasting your money or us wasting each others time!  So,...


(click on the arrows to read each section)

Stick in the muds & purists...

Are you a stick in the mud who truly believes that there is a right and a wrong way to paint in watercolour?

This is not for you! Please leave this page!

Art is subjective and as such it should be taught that way.

Yes of course there are guidelines and there are certain things that you need to do to create successful paintings that captivate your viewer BUT there is no right or wrong way to get to that result.

Any techniques or methods you use to get to your finished painting are just a means to an end so it makes perfect sense to use techniques that will get you to a successful result faster which is what I show you in WLM.

Someone who believes natural talent is necessary...

If you 100% truly believe that the only way you become a great artist is by having natural talent.....

Then this is not for you!

Quite frankly this is just an excuse bandied about by people who do not want to put in the effort to get better.

I firmly believe that anyone who can hold a paintbrush can become a great painter - talent has absolutely nothing to do with it.

You are not born an artist!

The reason so many people struggle with painting especially watercolour is because they adopt techniques that handicap their efforts right from the start. This is something I explain in depth throughout the course.

You believe you must have a formal art education to become a great artist...

If you believe that you must also have a formal education in art to become a great or a professional artist then this is not for you!

All the formal art education system actually does is produce art teachers - not artists! Think that's harsh? Well ask yourself how many people do you know who have a fine art degree who have went on to become full-time professional artists who spend their time painting what they want to paint?...Hmmm not that many.

I am as such unhindered by a formal art education, I didn't even take art in senior school and I truly believe that is the reason I paint the way I do. Yes, like many others I set off on the wrong path but as soon as I realised that I corrected my course - you are much more reluctant to do that when you have spent several thousand pounds to acquire a fine art degree. I mean surely that must be the correct way to do things otherwise why would they teach it?

I know lots of people who do have formal qualifications and they are the first to admit that where they have failed to progress nine out of ten times it was because of what they were taught at college. This is also something I go into in more depth in the course.

You believe there are no shortcuts...

If you believe that there are no shortcuts and that the only way to become a great painter is by putting in years and years of practice then this is not for you!

Many professional 'time-served' artists will tell you that it will take you 'X' number of years to get to where they are. This is usually because they are unwilling to admit that very often they spent months/years doing certain things wrong!

I don't have any such problem. I got lots of things wrong, I paid way too much attention to restrictive practices and methods and as a result wasted years trying to become a good painter with blinkers on.

I don't want you to go through that so I am willing to show you what I have done that works and also show you why certain ways of doing things that many beginners are taught are not efficient, rarely work and in many cases may actually completely hinder your progress as an artist.

So yes there are shortcuts and I will happily show you them or of course you can continue to struggle on...and on...and on.

You don't have 2-3 hours a week to commit to your painting

If you are not willing to commit 2-3 hours a week to do the necessary work to get you to where you want to be artistically then this is not for you and we should part company now!

Anything worth doing takes at least a little bit of effort and painting is no exception.

If you want to be a great painter/artist but you are not willing to commit a couple of hours a week to getting there then you are not being realistic and will be wasting your time and my time.

Painting is a fantastic skill to have and is very good for your mental health - so spending 2-3 hours a week developing a skill like this is much better for your well-being than binge watching yet another season of some dodgy T.V show on Netflix!

I love Netflix as well but you need to get your priorities right! Plus unlike Netflix you can't eat pizza while your painting so it's better for your waistline as well 😉👍.


(click on the arrows to read each section)

You have just started out in watercolour

If you have just started out in watercolour then this is most definitely for you!


You have probably heard lots of people saying to you that you are going to have to practice for years before you get any good! Well yes and no. None of us ever really stop practicing but that is because as artists we should always be looking to progress and try different things. If you don't then your work gets stale and stale = boring!

What this program will do for you is massively shorten your learning curve and not waste your time teaching you all the bad habits and crap that you don't need so you won't be wasting your valuable time practicing stuff you don't need to.

There are also lots of so called rules in watercolour and to be completely honest with you most of these are complete bollocks and paying too much attention to these 'rules' will only hinder your progress.

In WLM we don't do that. If I don't think teaching you something will move you forward I won't teach you it!

So if you have just started out this will help you take a massive leap forward not only in watercolour but also in painting in general before you develop all those bad habits everyone else has.

You have spent years learning traditional techniques and now feel like you have stopped progressing...

You may like many before you have spent years learning traditional techniques & methods and have now plateaued and feel like you have stopped progressing.


Well, it's very, very easy to get caught up in all the technique and methods that are presented by a certain school of watercolour painters namely traditionalists or purists. The problem here is that most of the tutors who follow this approach proclaim it to be the only correct way to use watercolour.  Sorry, but that is complete and utter twaddle!...

First of all it may surprise you to know that the traditional method that they are bandying about is actually a relatively new concept. Yes!

For example take one point they make that 'one should only use transparent watercolour!'...Well the great Turner himself who I believe was pretty good with a brush and nearly every other notable watercolour artist since have all used opaque/body colour/s in their paintings. They did not limit their possibilities by cutting out colours from their palette for something so trivial as opacity. When it came to equipment the masters used whatever they could get their hands on if it would get them the result they wanted.

Traditionalists don't do this...traditionally 😉 and this is exactly why they stop progressing.  You don't want to stop progressing do you?  WLM willl give you the framework and mentality you need to always ensure you are moving forward and becoming more accomplished!

You feel your work has become a little stale or tight and you would like it to be looser...

This can be one of the most frustrating things about painting and again is usually as a direct result of the way you have learned to paint with the medium.

Traditional/purist watercolour techniques and methods leave very little room for experimentation or diversification and as a result can very quickly lead to you producing paintings that start to feel a bit samey.

If this is you then fear not WLM will help you kick start your creativity again and have you producing exciting new work that is loose, vibrant and full of drama & atmosphere.

And all in just 12 short weeks!

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If for any reason you are not happy with WLM just drop me an email within 30 days with your order details and I will provide a full refund.

What Do Other Students Say About WLM?


It's always good to hear what other people who have already taken the plunge think so here are a few words from past students...

This has been the most amazing journey.

In 12 weeks, and with the guidance of Maestro Greg, I have changed from someone who does ‘art’ to someone who is an Artist. I know that because now, when I paint I do so with enjoyment, enthusiasm and growing confidence. I have ideas in my head all the time, new techniques to experiment with. And guess what? I know that this is not the end of the journey, but the beginning of the rest of my journey - more experimentation, more development and more confidence to go on and on.

Thank you Maestro Greg, I will be forever grateful 😍

Chris Kirvan

Another absolute WINNER from Greg! His courses are inspirational, fun filled with encouragement from start to finish.

I've learnt so much and taken another massive leap forward in my development as an Artist - back in March before I started the Watercolour Landscape Mastery Course I was a person who tried to paint - after 12 weeks I became an Artist - no joking. His techniques give incredible results. As I stated in my previous review, if there is one thing you do for yourself this year - make it one of Greg's courses - even better pledge to do two things - BOTH of these unique courses.

There is only one down side.......they come to an end to soon!! Solution - go back to the beginning and wait for the next one to be released. Will I sign up for future courses - without a doubt.

Thanks Greg I've learnt so much and gained incredible confidence on this journey that I didn't ever dream I would have.

Rated 5 out of 5

Jacqueline Maher

I write this review on the completion of the final painting of a 12 week course, which should have only been 10 but Greg in his enthusiasm spilled out even more delights for us to paint, such is his enthusiasm and love of Watercolour.  This has been a roller coaster ride with the rails and carriage removed on the journey. Does he teach  outside the box? That was thrown  in the paper bin years ago!

As I reflect back why I booked on the course it was as an emerging beginner.  I was desperate to paint rolling mist over the fells, rain filling bulging streams and waterfalls, wild sky’s full of wind with light shinning on parts of a valley or distant  mountain. To learn about layering, translucent paint, sable or hog hair brushes and numerous other things I’d not even dreamed about. To enable me to replace my painted fried egg sunsets with pink instant whip ( sorry an age comment) clouds! Trees with stick out arms and unnecessary fluffy details etc.

His relaxed, fun tutorials which reflect his brilliance as a teacher are easy to watch, full of challenges every week with individual feedback.

Will I book on another course, definitely a yes.

Jenny Porter

Wow you certainly opened my eyes! I didn't realise just how much all the little habits I have picked up have stifled my progress. As you said we all just assume that because it's in a book that it must be how things are done and never think to question it.  I have a feeling that me and watercolour are going to become best buddies again lol!

Dave Stockton

Thank you for a great painting course I really enjoyed it. I thought I would learn a couple of tips for painting watercolours but had my painting world turned upside down.

You answered many of my half-thought questions for which I hadn’t realised that I was looking for answers.

I was heading towards being a watercolour purist but you have opened up the door for me to a wider interpretation of applying the media.

Its going to take a while to incorporate my learning into my new paintings but I am looking forwards to the challenge with supercharged vigour.

I now understand why your courses are so popular. Thanks again

Brian Gilbert

Greg (I have spent so much time watching him I'm on first name terms) has distilled his decades of experience in to this course. He teaches what works and nothing else, down to the tools and paper he uses.

His approach is seemingly anarchic but is actually very premeditated. I call him a rebel because he eschews the traditional watercolour "rules" and shows you some (gasp!) mixed media approaches to getting the results you want.

He has created an idyllic and dramatic landscape in this course. He doesn't simplify the end projects, he paints at a professional artist level. They're challenging and need practicing but I now have lifelong access to a valuable resource which I will consult again & again. Thanks so much Greg!

Ruth Ni Naraigh

Thanks Greg I learned so many new techniques and also areas where I was going so wrong in my current work.

Everything was so easy to follow and your demonstrations brought everything into reality.

The rule books have been discarded!....Cheers once again!

Neil Roebuck

What's in the Watercolour Landscape Mastery Course?...


So how does it work and what's in the course?  Well the whole course is hosted online so you can access the course on any device with an internet connection & browser although I always recommend that you watch the videos on something with a reasonable size screen like a laptop or a tablet but maybe not so large you can see all my wrinkles like on an 72 inch HD Plasma.


Having the course online means it's easy and convenient to access - just login and off you go!  And more importantly there's no running round trying to find DVDs, books and definitely no getting up early at the weekend and having to drive to some village hall in the middle of nowhere!


The course is drip-fed over 12 weeks so you never feel overwhelmed and you will only need to set aside maybe 2-3 hours a week.  Each week you will receive an email from me with the details on what you are going to learn that week plus you will be given access to the next few videos.


Important Note: If you can be shown how to do something in 2 minutes then why do so many tutors take hours. None of that here! Each video is only as long as it needs to be in order to teach you the techniques quickly and then give you a practical exercise so you can try them out immediately.


As one of the additional bonus's when you join you will also be granted access to the private members only Watercolour Mastery Facebook group where you will be able to upload & share your work. In the group you can get feedback from myself and your peers, ask questions, share tips and chat with other students. I also pop in regularly to share little bits 'n' bobs that I think you may find helpful which I don't share elsewhere. It's a fantastic group, everyone is very encouraging and sharing your work is an invaluable tool in your progression.


Needless to say LIFETIME ACCESS to all course materials including any future course updates & additions, the Facebook group and the other bonuses (details on those later on this page) is included in the price.


Below I have included a complete breakdown of all the core lessons & workshops that you get access to in the course:

I can almost guarantee you that the reasons you are struggling with watercolour are not necessarily down to anything you are doing wrong but rather the way that you have been taught.

That’s right…It’s not your fault! So now we have established that we need to retrain those bits of your watercolour persona that are holding you back from superstardom!

In this first module I am going to show you a couple of simple little things you can change immediately that will enable you to quickly break the bad habits you have developed and take some huge steps forward right from the outset.

Could it really be that easy? Well, lets see, shall we?.....[Spoiler - Yes it is that easy!]

Lessons In This Module:

Finding Inspiration For Your Paintings! [PT1&2]

This two part lesson is all about finding inspiration for your paintings. How to use photographs properly if you need to and where & how to find some great images to get you started if you don't already have your own photographs.
Duration: PT1 - 8min 40sec / PT2 - 10min 18sec

Setting Up Your Space For Success

Simple things you can do before you start to paint that will help to ensure you take advantage of every creative inspiration.
Duration: 13min 15sec

Once Upon A Time! - Telling A Story Without Words!

Learn the most important thing you need to master to be a successful landscape painter.
Duration: 13min 29sec

Composition Made Simple!

As a painter you only need to know five letters of the alphabet to be a success! Learn which five.
Duration: 6min 7sec

Are You Painting or Colouring In?

Learn how your very first marks on a piece of paper can determine whether the painting will be a success!
Duration: 15min 32sec

The Biggest Secret In Watercolour -Shhh Don’t Tell!

Did you know there is one thing you can learn to control when you are painting that will instantly make you an expert with watercolour! Learn what it is in this video.
Duration: 21min 43sec

This module is the meat & veg section where you will learn a number of simple techniques that effectively enable you to paint any element of the landscape quickly & confidently. These techniques will enable you to get professional results with the minimum amount of fuss and fiddling in less than half the time it took you before - guaranteed!

Lessons In This Module:

Over The Mountains & Far Away! - Bumps & Lumps Are Nice! [PT1&2]

Shape is Everything Mountains are not just big Molehills! Mountains are like people they come in all different sizes & shapes and like us they all have their lumps & bumps that make them unique. Learn how to paint mountains convincingly. Learn to how to add interest through the use of texture and by adding supporting features like walls, scree, crags, paths, ghylls etc.
Duration: PT1 - 27min 13sec / PT2 - 30min 39sec

Over The Mountains & Far Away! - Snow Capped Mountains

One of my most requested demos. A simple subject to paint but one that is extremely effective and powerful when done well!
Duration: 20min 16sec


Leafy Stuff For Every Season - A Mop And A Sword That’s All You Need

What would you say if I told you that all you need to paint trees successfully is a mop, a sword, a blade & your toothbrush?
Duration: 26min 37sec

Leafy Stuff For Every Season - Toothbrushes Aren’t Just for Cleaning Teeth You Know!

Without a doubt my favourite way to paint trees. This is a great technique which produces fast results that are unique every time. Control freaks be warned!
Duration: 10min 57sec

Leafy Stuff For Every Season - Bark, Bark & No Dogs To Be Seen

Learn how to achieve some fantastic bark textures for your trees!
Duration: 6min 28sec

Leafy Stuff For Every Season - You’re Fairly Blossoming Now!

Learn how to paint a sunlit meadow scene with blossoming trees, meadow flowers and all that lovely stuff...aaah lovely, lovely!
Duration: 34min 33sec

Buildings & Man-Made Stuff - Rustic Cottages an Estate Agent Would Love!

Make your buildings look convincing with the addition of some simple texture techniques. In this three part tutorial you will learn how to paint rustic stone work, lichen covered slates and even some wonky windows.
Duration: 17min 41sec

Buildings & Man-Made Stuff - Dry Stane Dykes, Wa’s & Other Stuff [PT1&2]

Learn how with just a handful of shapes you can quickly add a farm or a rustic hamlet to your painting &  some very simple ways to incorporate other man-made elements of the landscapes into your paintings.
Duration: PT1 - 23min 19sec  PT2 - 26min 31sec

Painting The Wet Stuff - Waterfalls & Fast Flowing Water

A set of simple techniques & tools you can use to paint fantastic looking waterfalls and mountains ghylls every time quickly & confidently.
Duration: 36min 54sec


Painting The Wet Stuff - Reflecting The Landscape

Learn how to paint reflections so beautiful they would stop Narcissus in his tracks, and he had some issues!
Duration: 57min 43sec


Foregrounds - Lead In To Your Painting

Foregrounds are one of those things in a painting that trip a lot of people up because they think about it far too much. Learn why just because something is closer does not necessarily mean it has to be painted in more detail.
Duration: 28min 14sec

Figures, Fellas & Beasties - Should You Add Them & Getting It Right!

Learn how simple it is to a add convincing looking figures to your paintings. And before you ask, No you can’t skip this part of the module lol!  A masterclass in why it can be beneficial to include figures in your work, figure dimensions & simple ways to animate your figures to make them convincing.
Duration: 30min 06sec

Figures, Fellas & Beasties - How Place Your Figures With No Tears!

A simple technique that takes the trial, error and stress out of adding figures into your work. This technique can also be used to evaluate the benefits of any other additions you may want to make to a painting before committing.
Duration: 4min 41sec

Painting is like theatre it’s all very well having the actors and props but unless you have a director and light everything properly chances are your production will still look crap so this module is where you learn how to put your paintings together and how to light them for maximum impact & effect.

Lessons In This Module:

Heavens Above! - Three Stormy Skies

Learn how to paint a range of stormy skies so powerful you will be reaching for your brolly quickly & effectively. Plus I'll even show you how to add lightning!
Duration: 44min 46sec

Heavens Above! - Three Sunset Skies

In my experience people can either paint great looking sunsets or they end up with something that resembles a reject kaftan from the 60’s. Here’s three examples that will give you the pointers you need to make sure yours are great every time!
Duration: 55min 11sec


Heavens Above! - Now Some For Some Blue Sky Thinking!

I generally hate painting blue skies because we don’t get many of them here in the U.K so in my mind they are not very realistic but for the purposes of illustration here’s how to do it so your painting doesn’t look like something out of an episode of Postman Pat.
Duration: 22min 58sec

The Staccato Effect! - The Issue of Connection!

This is all about avoiding a thing I call the “Staccato Effect”. One thing that will make your paintings look amateurish is having lots of things that look like they have been cut out and stuck on to the painting. Learn how to avoid this and how to establish your focal point as the center of interest by learning how to connect shapes and use shadows, colour & texture effectively throughout your paintings.
Duration: 33min 54sec

Making Your Time Work For You! - Lets Get You To The Next Level!

Timing! This is the secret that will take your paintings to the next level in just six paintings - trust me! Make fiddling and overworking a thing of the past!
Duration: 8min 52sec

This module is here for slightly selfish reasons but also necessary because even at this late stage their will be some of you that will still have doubts about your newfound skills and confidence in your own ability is the one thing that will enable you to progress more than anything else. So we need to build that up a bit.

So here is where you get to mission accomplished and where I get to prove my point to you, which is that by using what you have learnt over the previous few weeks you will be able to paint a beautiful, atmospheric watercolour landscape that has focus, drama and presence all within just a couple of hours. 

In fact you are going to see how by utilising your new approach & techniques you can reproduce 5 of my very own paintings in your own unique style.

Lessons In This Module:

Workshop #1 - In The Reeds

All about soft morning light, misty trees, reflections and a very cute little focal point that I think you will love!
Duration: 43min 34sec

Workshop #2 - Annies Cottage

A typical lakeland scene. You know the sort of thing I'm talking about - Mountains, Stone Cottages, Dry Stone Walls, Trees and all that lovely stuff.  Yep there's a lot in this one which is why it makes such a good workshop painting.
Duration: 46min 15sec

Workshop #3 - Sundown Over Wasdale!

Yes in this workshop you will be attempting to paint that iconic lake district scene!
Duration: 52min 49sec

Workshop #4 - Hilltop Cottages - Reincarnation

A reincarnation of one of the very first paintings I done where I started to experience the freedom that you get when you finally stop paying attention to all the purists that are constantly telling you that you're doing things wrong and start paying attention to the getting the results you want by any means necessary!  What better way to illustrate how you should feel when you paint than to try and recreate the experience together!
Duration: 45min 54sec

Workshop #5 - Winter River

A lovely winter river scene set at sundown to finish the course with. This has everything trees, snow, reflections, wildlife in fact you name it it's in here - this is the big finale!
Duration: 53min 55sec

So let summarize where we are. Hopefully by now you should be able to agree with the following statements:

You may be struggling or have stopped progressing with watercolour
because of the way you learnt to paint with the medium?...


You understand that this was not due to a lack of talent or hard work on your part
but rather because you followed a method of teaching that has been accepted as the way to do things for so long
that no one has ever thought to question whether it is actually effective or not?...


Hopefully you now also understand that this method of teaching is unlikely to get you the results you want quickly
and in order to make measurable progress you will need to change how you are learning.


You want to find a tutor who will move you on from just copying images to teaching you how to think like and paint like an artist and start developing your own unique artistic voice & style...


You should also be able to see that other people just like you have managed to get those results
by going through my Watercolour Landscape Mastery course.


Are you ready to join the growing band of people who are finally making the progress they desire
who are now producing paintings they are proud of.


Do you want to be capable of regularly producing art you would happily have hanging on your walls
or better still hanging on other peoples walls...

and YES!!


Well if all that sounds like you then it sounds like you might be a perfect candidate for Watercolour Landscape Mastery!

So How Much Is It?...


Well lets be realistic. What are you actually getting here and how much would that be worth to you?


Watercolour Landscape Mastery is basically over 30 years of my watercolour landscape painting experience condensed & refined down into a short 12 week online watercolour painting course just for you.


But lets talk about the elephant in the room for a second - lets talk about what you are actually going to save yourself by joining WLM...


Here's a conservative estimate of what someone will pay out while they are learning to paint the traditional way over lets say a ten year period:

2 x How to DVD's per year @ £20 each x 10 years: Total Cost = £400
1 x How to Book per year @ £15 each  x 10 years: Total Cost = £150
1 x Day Painting Workshops @ £100 each  x 10 years: Total Cost = £1000
1 x Art Magazine Subscription @ £60 each x 10 years: Total Cost = £600
1 x Online Painting Workshop @ £30 each x 10 years: Total Cost = £300


I get £2450 so far!...Ouch!!!


And that's just a conservative estimate for ten years as we have already established most people will spend more over a longer period of time and they will also inevitably spend a fortune on materials that they don't need also as a result of bad advice they receive from certain tutors. You know those tutors that insist on you having their own brand of specially designed brushes and their own brand paints etc instead of just showing people how to use kit that's readily available & reasonably priced!


Bit of a shock to the system that isn't it?...


And let us not forget all the time you will be wasting trying to siphon through all the rubbish out there. After all everyone and their Auntie has a YouTube channel these days.



You can bypass all of that starting today!

Secure LIFETIME ACCESS to one course that will cut out all the crap...

teach you only what you actually need to know...

so you can quickly & confidently produce beautiful, captivating paintings

that have oodles of drama & atmosphere...

And all for just £397

So are you ready to join the ranks of the rebellion?...




Go to Checkout
Green Buy Now 3 Month
Green Buy Now 6 Month



If for any reason you are not happy with WLM just drop me an email within 30 days with your order details and I will provide a full refund.

Still Thinking About It? Really!....O.k Then How About This!...


So if after seeing all that you are still here on this page at this point and not reaching for your credit card then I know you're probably one of those people who is having that little battle in your head right now. You know the one that goes a little bit like this:

"Emotional Self"

Emotional Self: Wow this looks like just what I was looking for? I'll be as good as Turner within a few weeks...

Logical Self: Yeah, yeah but we could spend that money on a washing machine!...

Emotional Self: Maybe but that would be boring and being good at painting will make me happier and less stressed!...

Logical Self: Oh I don't know, hmmm. I need something other than that to justify the purchase....

Emotional Self: Don't be such a killjoy!...

Logical Self: Don't be so impetuous! remember the bungee jumping incident!...

Emotional Self: Neh, Neh, Neh, Neh!!!.....I'm clicking the button now!

"Logical Self"

That sound a little familiar?


Well don't worry because I'm a bit like that to.


So how about I make the decision a no brainer by giving you a few extras!


What if I gave you enough extras to completely cancel the cost of the course out?


Have a look at this...

Minimum £650 to Potentially £THOUSANDS!!

Oh and as if that wasn't good enough you will also be able to make some cash referring other students when you complete the course.

So the reality here is that the bonuses alone are worth more than you are paying for the course - even if you don't use the bonuses (Duh!??!?)

You can still make enough money back from referring a few friends to more than cover the cost of the course.

And with an iron clad money back guarantee in place either way there is absolutely no risk to you

It's a no brainer!...



Go to Checkout
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If for any reason you are not happy with WLM just drop me an email within 30 days with your order details and I will provide a full refund.


What Happens After You Push That Big Green Button?


Well first of all you will be taken to checkout to make your payment - that's the worst bit!


Once your payment has been processed you will be immediately redirected to the welcome page for the course.  You will also receive an email with your receipt that contains a link to the course login page plus your personal login details, course outline and start date and a few more details you may find helpful - please make sure you keep this email handy. It may also be helpful if you add to your list of approved email senders to ensure that this and other course email does not end up in your spam folder.


Over the course of the next few days I will also email you a few pointers on equipment etc. Please ensure you open and read these emails as they are important to your success on the course.


If you have any questions what so ever regardless of how stupid you may think the questions are please send me an email to and ask away or click the live chat button at the bottom right of this page.


Remember the only stupid questions are the ones that you don't ask.


That's it now I'm done talking!...This is the bottom of the page!....There is no more!

Go click the big green button and join! Oh look there's one now!...


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If for any reason you are not happy with WLM just drop me an email within 30 days with your order details and I will provide a full refund.

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