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Learn what a professional watercolour artist has in his drawers!

Join me for Part 3 of the four part series of videos on the materials that I use on a daily basis as a professional artist. Having too much kit can actually be a hindrance when it comes to watercolour painting and so very often as artists we can be suckered into either buying too many art materials or buying the wrong tools for the job.

This video is about watercolour paints. Which brands are good, how many colours do you need, pans or tubes? - all this and more!

Here are the colours in my palette at present. Most of these colours have remained unchanged for years now and I know their inner workings - just like best friends!:

Many of these colours are not exactly what you might expect to see in a landscape painters palette but they work for me and allow me to get some fantastic unique colours & effects that enhance the mood in my paintings. If you love the colour choices and want to get a set that has one of each colour in you can get one here:  GREG HOWARD COMPLETE WATERCOLOUR LANDSCAPE & SEASCAPE TUBE SET

Enjoy the videos! P.S: This free series is part of the introduction to my Watercolour Landscape Mastery Program

Looking to buy Watercolour Paints look no further:

Daniel Smith Watercolour Paints

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