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Thank you for taking the plunge and making the decision to join the Watercolour Landscape Mastery program and welcome.

O.k first things first - thank you for your payment!

The fact that you ended up on this page confirms that you’re payment went through just fine and you are now a paid up member of the Watercolour Landscape Mastery program however you should also receive an email confirming this as well just as extra confirmation. The confirmation email will also have your login details for the program so make sure you don’t delete it - please!

Have you watched the little welcome vid’ I put together for you above? If not go watch it now as it kind of sets the tone for the next few weeks lol! 

Next thing you want to do is shortcut this page to your desktop. All this info is also on the welcome email you have been sent but if doesn’t hurt to have a backup just in case you accidentally delete the email.

Accessing Your Course Dashboard…

Next I guess you need to know how to access your course modules. That’s simple there are three ways you can get in to the course dashboard which are as follows:

  • Click the button below - If you are going to access your course dashboard this way please remember to shortcut this page or add it to your favourites.
  • Visit my website and open the tuition tab on the navigation menu click the Student - Login link or alternatively you can go to the Watercolour Academy Home Page and click the “Login To The Academy” button. As above if you want to access this way don’t forget to short cut the Watercolour Academy home page or alternatively you can just shortcut the course login page.
  • Finally there will also be a direct link to your course dashboard provided in the email you receive.

O.k next you need to know how to access the Facebook group.

Accessing The Watercolour Mastery Facebook Group

You can access our Facebook group here:

Facebook Group Header

To join all you need to do is answer  a few short questions then click to submit your application as soon as it is received and checked this end I will grant you access and of you go.

The Watercolour Mastery Facebook group is a private group exclusively for people who have joined the Landscape Mastery & Seascape Mastery courses.  

It's a great place to get feedback/constructive criticism on your work as you progress through your course. If you want feedback from me directly all you need to do is to add the hashtag #feedback-please to the beginning of your post and I will provide you with assistance personally.  Don't worry no one bites as everyone is in the same boat! So don't be shy!

The Facebook group is also where I will post any little extras I think you might be interested in, top tips, announcements and so on so it is definitely worth joining even if it is just for that.

There has been some great work posted in the group and we have a fantastic little growing community which I would love everyone who is taking the program to be part of so if you haven't yet joined go do so today! 

In the Facebook group not only will you receive personal feedback from me on your completed exercises (if you want it) but you will also become a part of our growing Watercolour Landscape Mastery community.  I also post lots of little extra bit'n'pieces every week in there so it's worth joining just for that!   

Just click on the button below and follow the instructions:


What Kit do I need?

Well that’s an easy one. I do not encourage people to go out and buy a load of kit specifically for the program - this is not that type of program! However I know from past experience that some of you have “issues” and will not be happy unless you have the same kit as me lol so I have put together a few kits for you to peruse below.

Which one you pick (if you pick one at all) is completely up to you but I would strongly recommend that you first watch the MATERIALS 1,2,3 Video Series I have put together to get an idea of what I use and why as the materials outlined in these videos are the same materials that you will see me using throughout the program.

I will be sending you an email with links to these videos over the next day or two but if you want to get a jump on things you can access the them here:

Watch Free Materials Video Series!

If you want to go all in and go for the biggie the Complete Watercolour Landscape Painting Kit I am giving members of this program an exclusive £50.00 discount on this.

To claim your discount just use the following code at checkout:


Please enter this code exactly as it appears and £50 will automatically be discounted from the cost of your kit.

I also promised you a 10% lifetime discount on all art materials you purchase directly from me!

The code for this is:


Again as above please ensure you enter the code exactly as it appears to receive your discount.

[Please note the 10% discount cannot be used in conjunction with the £50 kit discount - It’s like I was in your head there wasn’t it lol!]


Here are the Kits:

If you are looking for a particular bit of kit visit: and look at the Art Materials drop down menu.

  • Sale! GREGG HOWARD 800x800

    Greg Howard Complete Watercolour Brush Set

  • Sale! WATERCOLOUR LANDSCAPE Thinkific 760x428

    The Greg Howard Complete Watercolour Landscape Painting Kit

  • Sale! Palette Brush Watercolour Gift Set 3

    Greg Howard Watercolour Painting Kit: Basic


Content Release

In order to ensure that no one is rushing ahead and that also that no one gets left behind I have put a great deal of thought into the content release schedule for the program. New lessons are released on a drip schedule and are generally released on every three days along with an email prompt.  This gives you a couple of days to watch each video and to complete any corresponding exercises. Please make sure you watch each video, complete the exercise then mark the lesson as complete before you move on - don’t worry you will get the hang of things very quickly!

If you don’t have the time to complete a lesson on the day it is released don’t worry about it - I get it! Life is busy.  So don’t forget it’s not going to go away as you have lifetime access to all the lessons however if you can it does make sense to try and keep up with the rest of the group as there will be posts and content released through the Facebook group is directly related to that particular weeks modules - make sense?

So, we kick off with module one! There is no painting in this module which may seem strange for a painting course but it is also why this whole module is just a week long but very important non the less as the lessons in this module are about helping you to get your approach right before you start painting. If you don’t get this right then you are effectively wasting your time!

Here’s what you are going to be learning about during your first week.

I can almost guarantee you that the reasons you are struggling with watercolour are not necessarily down to anything you are doing wrong but rather the way that you have been taught.

That’s right…It’s not your fault! So now we have established that we need to retrain those bits of your watercolour persona that are holding you back from superstardom!

In this first module I am going to show you a couple of simple little things you can change immediately that will enable you to quickly break the bad habits you have developed and take some huge steps forward right from the outset.

Could it really be that easy? Well, lets see, shall we?…..[Spoiler - Yes it is that easy!]

Lessons In This Module:

Finding Inspiration For Your Paintings! [PT1&2]

This two part lesson is all about finding inspiration for your paintings. How to use photographs properly if you need to and where & how to find some great images to get you started if you don’t already have your own photographs.
Duration: PT1 - 8min 40sec / PT2 - 10min 18sec

Setting Up Your Space For Success

Simple things you can do before you start to paint that will help to ensure you take advantage of every creative inspiration.
Duration: 13min 15sec

Once Upon A Time! - Telling A Story Without Words!

Learn the most important thing you need to master to be a successful landscape painter.
Duration: 13min 29sec

Composition Made Simple!

As a painter you only need to know five letters of the alphabet to be a success! Learn which five.
Duration: 6min 7sec

Are You Painting or Colouring In?

Learn how your very first marks on a piece of paper can determine whether the painting will be a success!
Duration: 15min 32sec

The Biggest Secret In Watercolour -Shhh Don’t Tell!

Did you know there is one thing you can learn to control when you are painting that will instantly make you an expert with watercolour! Learn what it is in this video.
Duration: 21min 43sec

And Finally…

As much as I hope & pray that this whole process and journey goes smoothly for us all this is a big program and there are lots of moving parts so if anything does seem amiss or is not working for you at any point first of all don’t worry!  The chances are that it won’t be anything you have done wrong and if it is it is probably because I did not provide clear enough instructions so don’t be stressing o.k. Alternatively it may just be a case of the technology gremlins making an appearance grrr!

Either way just drop me an email to telling me what’s not working for you and I will do my very best to help you and if necessary will find the gremlins that are causing things to go awry and kill them of by pouring my dirty painting water over them - believe me that’s enough to kill anything of not just gremlins!

See Ya Next Week!…


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